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The Table Is Set
Barry Hochhauser 7/26/2019 9:31:03 AM

On the one hand, I don't particularly trust #Zuckerberg or #Facebook. On the other, weren't they just found guilty of privacy violations and required to pay a $5 billion fine and be subjected to oversight? If so, wouldn't that offer some protection? $FB

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Ayelet Wolf 3/28/2018 1:46:52 PM

There is absolutely no excuse for #Facebook to have captured as much info on users as they did. Why on Earth would they have needed to keep records of every phone call and text message their users sent OUTSIDE of Facebook. That has nothing to do with Facebook and is a complete violation of users' privacy.

I for one am angry. I hope #Zuckerberg and his company are taken down a peg and learn some humility from this debacle.

Facebook: The Ministry Of Truth?
Michelle Bell 2/6/2018 5:46:21 PM

Haven't you ever seen The Social Network movie about #Facebook? I think you believe #Zuckerberg to be far more altruistic than he really is. He'll do what helps his bottom line and step on anyone if it helps his goals. $FB

Facebook: The Ministry Of Truth?
Bruce M. Knoth 2/5/2018 2:14:03 PM

While these are good ideas, do you really think Russia paid for those #Facebook ads in rubles? They likely used shell companies of shell companies of shell companies that aren't so easy to track. Even if Facebook looked at who was paying for the ads, it would likely take a forensic expert to track the money all the way back to Russia. I highly doubt #Zuckerberg was trying to help #Trump by accepting those ads. He was duped just as much as the rest of America.

I at least give him credit for trying to do what he can to fix the problem. $FB

Facebook: The Ministry Of Truth?
Doug Morris 2/5/2018 2:11:15 PM

I wonder how much of these statements are actually Mark #Zuckerberg's beliefs? They are more likely coming form#Facebook's PR and legal teams. $FB

Drones Vs. Balloons
Alpha Stockman 1/19/2018 1:42:56 PM

Fascinating. #Zuckerberg has been very vocal about bringing internet to the world, so I was aware of their efforts, but I had no idea there was a literal race between #Facebook, #Google, and #Airbus to connect underdeveloped countries to the web. This will open countless doors for industry, innovation, education, and more.

But I'm not clear on whether these companies are pursuing this for altruistic reasons or just their bottom line. Do they hope to simply make more ad revenue or perhaps sell services to these regions (who have limited liquid cash to spend), or do they expect to make money on the drones/balloons themselves by selling the technology to those countries.

I'd love some elaboration on the "who will foot the bill" section.

Facebook Inc's Rising Competition With YouTube Could Be A Drag On FB Stock
Rohit Mahankali 2/16/2017 2:26:27 PM

Excellent article Sreekanth! I undestand that #Facebook's higher CapEx would put pressure on meeting "Net Income" goals, and you mentioned that Facebook is still a buy due to its many growth drivers. Going off of that, I'd like to shed light on Facebook's acquisition of #Oculus. Given #Zuckerberg's outlook that virtual reality will be the next disruptive medium, Facebook expects many future cash flows due to proprietary #VR technology such as the #Rift. While this disruption is quite plausible, the per-unit costs of VR products are exorbitant. Could expected returns from risky drivers such as VR sufficiently justify undertaking the risk of entering the video space? $FB

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