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CEO of Winslow Capital
Clark J. Winslow has served as the Chief Executive Officer and a portfolio manager at Winslow Capital since 1992. Mr. Winslow was a Senior Vice President at Alliance Capital Management from 1987-1992, where he managed over $1.1 billion in institutional assets. He served as a Managing Director at ...more

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Corporate Buybacks; Connecting Dots To The F-Word
9 years ago

Excellent article, thank you for sharing.

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Even The Good Numbers Are Bad
9 years ago

"’s not what you buy but how you pay for it that matters..." You hit the nail on the head, John. Excellent post.

Global Markets And The Global Investor
9 years ago

I agree, it's very counter intuitive to Warren Buffet's attitude. Thanks for sharing.

3 Reasons June Gloom Is Already Hitting The Markets
9 years ago

What are you talking about? Astrology? Why would there be any connection between astrology and the financial markets?

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The Commodity Bear Is Probably Dead
9 years ago

What about $KOL & $JJG? What's your take on them?

Using IPS To Deliver A Superior Standard Of Care
9 years ago

Great article. This really highlights the need to take a more active approach to asset allocation and investment oversight.

12 High Quality Dividend Stocks For Retirement
9 years ago

Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.

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Can Putin Survive?
9 years ago

Well said! That's how you do it - rational, factual points to prove your point of view and backing it up with respectable, legitimate sources. Some of the Putin fans who have worked there way into this thread could learn a lot from you.

A Charter And Time Warner Cable Merger Could Be Coming
9 years ago

Why would they need Comcast's backing? And Comcast is much larger than Charter so their wouldn't be the same scrutiny needed for government approval.

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Nasdaq Reaches 15 Year High Is It Safe To Invest Now?
9 years ago

Really? Penny stocks are fraught with risk...

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