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Hertz Is Selling 20,000 EVs Due To Lack Of Customer Demand
6 months ago

Because price drops are taking away their business model- resale. So they are literally dumping at a loss all bought at elevated prices. I suspect they know to get rid of 80-100K mile EVs the dump approach was nesessary. If robotaxis and ridesharing climb the rental buis is in seriours problems anyway.

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Macy鈥檚 Shares Soar After Reports Of $5.8b Buyout Offer
7 months ago

I bought $TMF back. been swing trading it for months. also bought a biotech iova馃コ

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Why J Street Deserves Support
7 months ago

I think this guy may be on the payroll of Hamas/Iran or Putin, or both,

Premarket Moves: Tesla Dips On Deliveries, Disney Gains As Peltz Seeks Change
9 months ago

“Seek” are not “results”, so …

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Goldman Warns If The Short Squeeze Continues, The Entire Market Could Crash
3 years ago

Which shows that Wall-Street has been cooking the books for far too long. If a person used the same money to back multiple investments it would be considered fraud, when Wall Street does it is is called creative accounting.

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Give Some Thought To This
3 years ago

While that may be true for some, Mr. Boswell is plain wrong about this. I checked the authors he mentioned in his other post and they do have several comments on their articles. Boswell has several too, but looking through the most recent ones, they seem to all be negative, essentially calling him crazy. It's just sour grapes.

I do wish this site had more commenters, but the site requires a lengthy registration process before you can. So be it. I come to read anyway, I rarely engage in conversation. Too many crazies out there and it's too easy to get sucked into an argument that is a waste of time. I left Facebook for the same reason.

3 years ago

You are looking at the wrong place. You are looking at how many comments the author posted. Sadly, it seems like many authors are not interested in engaging with readers. But you can see how many comments they received. For example:

The author two authors don't actually seem to exist. But either way, how is that related to GameStop?

Who Remembers AOL?
3 years ago

Yep, good times. Had no idea AOL still existed!

Agriculture Markets Report For Friday, May 1
4 years ago

Thanks for the videos, I'll check out the site to learn more about the subscription

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