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NXT-ID’s Crypto Play Awaits Traction Amidst Delisting Warning
Karen Klein 9/11/2019 12:47:02 PM

Seems so odd for a medical company to move into crypto. Seems like everyone is getting on #crypto or #blockchain these days.

NXT-ID’s Crypto Play Awaits Traction Amidst Delisting Warning
Mad About Money 8/1/2019 2:02:07 AM

Seems like everyone and their grandma is getting into #crytocurrency or #blockchain these days!

Could A Cryptocurrency Become A Global Reserve Currency?
Derek Snyder 7/2/2019 1:37:13 PM

It's true, people think #blockchain means secure. But exchanges can and do get hacked all the time. And most tokens are pure scams. In fact this just happened yet agaiin:

Crypto TRON's TRX Gains On Alibaba Partnership Rumor - What's Next?
Duanne Johnson 5/1/2018 2:48:04 PM

Why doesn't $BABA just create it's own token. Seems like #crypto and #blockchain is all the rage now.

Why Bitcoin Is Not A 'Fraud' Or 'Bubble', But Something You Should Take Seriously
Carol Klein 2/20/2018 12:56:49 AM

This stuff is so technical it makes my head spin. #Crypto? #DLT Distributed ledger technology? #Blockchain? I think I need to throw in the towel. Give me good ol' gold any day.

Another Bitcoin Bottom Comes With An Important Signal
Moon Kil Woong 2/18/2018 4:02:35 PM

Indeed the interest in #bitcoin has died down considerably, although there is still a lot going on in #blockchain technology. One should look at the technology evolution not the quick concept of making some digital code and calling it money. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it. And that's what they were doing. That's why there are over 100 digital currencies and growing. The issue is why buy yours and who wants them when there are more popping out like weeds every day.

BTL Group November All-Time High, More Upside Ahead
Michael Molman 11/22/2017 4:35:50 PM

Ive been holding this stock since August, very happy at seeing its reversal. I believe #blockchain is a revolutionary technology and I believe investors will start to focus more on pure play blockchain stocks in the future. $BTLLF

IBM Likely to Make Comeback Despite Buffett Selling More Shares
Michael Molman 11/22/2017 1:20:43 AM

Personally I believe IBM could be returning back to growth on the back of significant investments in revolutionary new technologies like #blockchain and quantum computing. It is possible $IBM could be a leader in these new fields.

What Bitcoin’s Recent Wild Stretch Means For Other Cryptocurrencies
Michael Molman 11/20/2017 11:17:10 PM

Extremely interesting analysis of the the cryptocurrency market that looks past the typical short term price differences. Personally I believe that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are bubbles but that the blockchain that powers them is revolutionary. I also believe that bitcoin will surge in value as CME unveils futures and options which will lead to bitcoin ETF's. These thing will for the first time allow investors to buy bitcoin easily through trusted brokers, leading to surging demand and eventually a bigger collapse. #bitcoin #blockchain #altcoins

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