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E Bristol-Myers To Buy Celgene; A $74 Billion Deal
Bristol-Myers Squibb has struck a deal to buy Celgene in a deal valued at $74 billion in equity and cash.
E Ebay Sues Amazon Claiming Illegal And Unethical Activity
It's no secret that Amazon's growth has far outpaced eBay's. But now eBay claims the online giant got there by crossing a legal line.
E End Of An Era - Sears Declares Bankruptcy
The 132-year-old company changed the way Americans shopped but has suffered heavy losses for the past several years and has finally filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early this morning.
E TalkMarkets Sees Impressive Interest And Receives High Valued Accolades At Impact Capital Conference 2016
CEO Boaz Berkowitz, impresses investors in a highly riveting presentation demonstrating TalkMarkets revolutionary contributor equity model.
E Turkey Coup: Military Attempt To Seize Power; Turkey's Currency Plummets
Turkey’s currency has suffered its heaviest fall in two months as investors took fright at a coup by the country’s military.
E Tesla/Solar City: What You Should Know
With initial analyst responses stunned and puzzled, here's some background on the verging-on-incestuous deal-to-be.
E Assessing The Cost Of Some Political Proposals
Fulfillment of political promises requires that budgets are approved - something Congress rarely demonstrates the intestinal fortitude to do.
E Oracle Vs. Google Case Goes To Jury
With $9B and the definition of 'fair use' at stake, investors should be watching the outcome of this case closely.
Morgan Stanley CEO's Pay Falls 7 Percent In 2015 To $21 Million
Gorman's pay puts him below Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who is set to take home $23 million in compensation for 2015, and JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon, who will be paid $27 million.
China’s Top ‘Uber For Laundry’ Startup Cleans Up With $100M Series B Funding
China’s leading on-demand laundry startup, Edaixi, recently revealed it has secured $100 million in series B funding. The latest investment, just over a year after getting $20 million in series A from Matrix Partners and SIG.
E Earnings Update: Newbies Suffer, Mostly
Etsy, LendingClub and OnDeck are all trading at about half their recent IPO prices. LC is the only one of the three whose earnings are getting some after-hours positive action, along with Zillow.
Barnes & Noble Q4 Results Leave Investors Uninspired Today
Despite a beat of earnings expectations and revenues in-line, losses in all segments and cautious guidance put BKS in the loss column Thursday.
Advanced Micro Down 11% After Hours On Earnings Miss
The combination of an earnings miss, light guidance, and the decision to sell 2012 acquisition SeaMicro leave investors unimpressed.
J.C. Penney Reports $1.1 Billion Increase In Ebitda For Fiscal 2014
After-hours, stock loses most of last few days' gains.
Petrobras CEO Resigns; More Management Changes Expected
PBR shares rose 13.73% in afternoon trading on rumors that the CEO and/or board of Petrobras would be replaced. Despite public statements attempting to quash the rumors, just after 6pm they were confirmed. AH +0.4%.
Sotheby's To Raise Charges For Art Buyers
BID raises rates, to improve revenues and profits.
1 to 16 of 69 Posts
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