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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more

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Futures Market Speculators Crushed Again
The gold and silver futures markets were designed to increase volatility and discourage physical ownership of precious metals, as revealed in 1970s-era disclosures.
Two Huge, Overlooked Drains On Global Silver Supplies
Precious metals markets got dealt a technical blow after gold and silver sold off on Thursday.
The Story Of Silver’s Future As Money Is Yet Untold
Silver’s near-term price trajectory remains uncertain amid choppy market conditions. Its future, however, looks bright.
The Next Greatest Trade Ever: Billionaire Gurus Increasingly Point To Gold
Mega investors have been talking up the merits of gold ownership lately.
When Will It Be Time To Sell Precious Metals?
There is no telling when to expect the restoration of honest money, healthy markets, and personal liberty. It looks like it will not be time to sell any time soon.
Play The Odds: Avoid Gambling In Rigged Markets
The lure of potential cash windfalls is driving rampant speculation in financial markets and record traffic to casinos.
Expectations For Fed Tightening Are Misplaced
The U.S. economy is largely a mirage based on stimulus. Without artificially low-interest rates, bond purchases (aka debt monetization), repo market support, and other extraordinary measures the central planners put in place, stock prices would fall.
Wall Street Baffled As Palantir Acquires $50 Million In Gold Bars
A rising U.S. Dollar Index is putting downward pressure on hard assets markets this week.
Will The U.S. Currency Regime Fall?
The truth about inflation will ultimately be revealed not by officials or experts, but by real-world, on-the-ground prices.
Venezuela Slashes Six Zeros From Its Failed Currency; How Does That Relate To Silver?
A one-million bolivar note is currently worth about 25 US cents. Incidentally, a US quarter is worth three 1964 cents. Unless it's made of silver ...
Debt Ceiling And Budget Battles To Underpin Gold Prices
Among the major issues investors are eyeing this month is the debate over the federal debt ceiling and the federal budget.
Bullion Investors Hang Tight
The precious metals futures markets launched shortly after Richard Nixon closed the gold window and removed the last vestige of gold backing from the Federal Reserve Note.
Currency Emergency: When The Debt Comes Due
The Federal Reserve reported this week that household debt surged during the second quarter by the most in 14 years.
Going For The Gold: Building A Winning Investment Portfolio
While Olympic athletes in Tokyo are going for the gold, investors are going for anything that might provide positive real returns.
Showdown: Paper Vs. Physical Markets
The first half of 2021 did not play out as hoped by precious metals investors. Despite the effort to “squeeze” the bullion banks, silver has yet to push through the $30 barrier, and gold remains below the high put in nearly a year ago.
Biden’s Dangerous Inflation Denials
President Joe Biden is in denial about inflation.
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