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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more


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What To Do NOW In Case Of A Future Banking System Breakdown
The banking system may not be as sound we’ve been led to believe. It continues to get propped up through central bank interventions, which strongly suggests it wouldn’t be able to stand on its own.
New Evidence Futures Markets Are Built For Manipulation
The recent price smash in precious metals is frustrating for goldbugs. It is even more infuriating for those who look at the fundamental reasons to own gold and silver and see prices falling anyway.
Sound Money Scholarship Winners Announced 7 Outstanding Thinkers Earn Nearly $10,000 In Tuition Assistance
Seven outstanding students beat out more than 100 of their high-school and college peers in making the best case for sound money through an international, gold-backed scholarship competition...
GATA’s Powell: Attacks On Gold & Silver Prices Are Losing Their Impact
Wouldn't most of these manipulation skeptics be better off if the markets were actually free and fair?
The Fed’s “Not QE” Is Morphing Into “QE4ever”
Another week, another new and expanded repo market intervention by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York intervened twice with liquidity injections. Fed officials raised their overnight repos up from $75 billion to $120 billion.
Yes, Gold “Just Sits There” And That’s Quite A Feat
The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig famously referred to gold as a “Pet Rock” in 2015. He was blasted by people who understand that gold is no passing fad, and it serves some very important roles in an investment portfolio.
Bill Holter: Credit Seizure Could Eventually Shut Down Supply Chains
What is your best guess about why the Fed has had to step in there with hundreds of billions of dollars? Are they bailing out Deutsche bank, another bank? What's happening here?
“Baghad Jerome” Powell Denies The Fed Is Using Financial Crisis Tools
Jerome Powell has something in common with Bagdad Bob, Saddam Hussein’s infamous press secretary. They’re both liars, suggests Money Metals podcast guest Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report.
Warren Charts Wealth-Raiding Warpath To The White House
Despite the gravity of an impeachment inquiry that threatens to bring down the presidency of Donald J. Trump, markets have largely shrugged it off.
Craig Hemke: Ignore The Elliott Wave “Buffoons” Calling For A Gold Crash
Do you think we'll see the metals once again be put back into their box here or do you think it will be different this time around? I guess that's the million-dollar question for silver bugs, what do you think?
Fed Actions Are More Impactful On Gold & Silver Than Political Circuses
Partisan camps on both sides have planted their stakes in the ground, but investors want to know how the unfolding political drama will impact their wealth.
Banksters Finally Hit With Racketeering Charges– Better Late Than Never!
JPMorgan Chase and other bullion banks spent most of a decade screwing clients and investors who were naive enough to expect a fair shake in the precious metals futures markets. It was a solid racket.
Panicky Fed Flooding Overnight Markets With Cash
The S&P 500 is essentially flat for the week while gold prices are trading modestly higher.
Oil Shock! Will War Drums, Inflation Fears Ignite Gold And Silver Markets?
Monday’s spike in crude oil prices could be a game changer – for geopolitics, for the economy, and for investors.
Axel Merk: Trump Is Proposing A TAX On Savings
What are some of the important signals of continued growth and what are some of the things that could throw a wrench into the economy in the months ahead?
College-Bound Students Should Consider Buying Gold Instead
Meanwhile, millions of young people who don’t necessarily have any funds to invest in financial markets face the dim prosp­­­­ect of negative real returns on their overpriced college degrees.
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