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Asset Managers, Industry Aggressively Snapping Up Silver
After months of political melodrama, Congress finally did what it always does in the end, authorize more deficit spending. The gold market rallied to just shy of the $2,000 level late this week with silver back up into the $24 range.
Winston Churchill's Gold Standard Folly
Churchill's plan to restore gold's place in the monetary system was not the problem.
Divergences In Ratios Show Silver Is Undervalued
When institutional investors move into silver, it's an explosive signal that significant gains are nigh.
Central Banks Join Rank And File Villagers In Exiting The Dollar
Paper money is only worth something because people believe it is worth something, but when that belief erodes or disappears altogether, the money becomes worthless.
Treasury Secretary Panics: Economic Chaos Will Ensue
On Sunday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that financial and economic chaos will ensue if the U.S. government's borrowing limit isn't raised.
Rather Than Restoring Soundness To The Dollar, Senators Seek To Debase The Nickel
Fiat currencies that are undergoing inflation eventually reach the point where the smallest unit of account becomes practically worthless, more trouble to handle and account for than it's worth.




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5 Reasons Young People Should Give Gold A Look In These Uncertain Times
In 1946, when the Foundation for Economic Education was founded, an ounce of gold traded for around $38.25. This week, it was trading above $2,000!
Looming Debt Ceiling Deal To Leave Dollar Locked In Downtrend
As the debt ceiling fight in Washington heads down to the wire with the risk of a technical default looming, investors are growing nervous.
There Are No Debt-Based Solutions To The Debt Problem
President Joe Biden will meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday to hold high-stakes talks on the still-unresolved debt ceiling standoff.
States Move To Block Biden’s “Digital Dollar” Plans To Regulate All Spending
After knocking on the door of new record highs over the past few weeks, the gold market is pulling back. Bulls had faced a lot of overhead resistance in futures trading. It finally proved to be too much to overcome -- at least for the near term.
Big Sound Money Wins In Arkansas And Mississippi As Gold Holds Firm
As gold bulls defend the key $2,000 level, sound money proponents are scoring big wins in state legislatures.
How To Decide Whether To Store Your Precious Metals Yourself... Or Hire A Depository
Depository storage is a great option for bullion investors who do not want to store their entire precious metals stack themselves.
Bank Depositors Fleeing Into Gold As Fed Signals Recession
Excitement is building among precious metals investors as gold prices continue to push up toward record highs.
More Bailouts For Bankers Won't Fix A Broken Financial System
The Federal Reserve Board reduced banking reserve requirements to zero in March 2020. So, banks in the United States are technically not required to back customers' deposits with anything.

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