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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 1,000,000 readers, and more than 500,000 paid customers. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing company dedicated to helping subscribers ...more

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Several States Take Steps To Block A Central Bank Digital Currency
At the root of the move toward government digital currency is “the war on cash”. The elimination of cash creates the potential for the government to track and even control consumer spending.
The Gold And Silver Ship Will Set Sail!
Over the last couple of months, gold has scaled record highs, peaking at over $2,430 an ounce before correcting and settling in the $2,300 range. "And like Noah's Ark of old, those who miss the boat will face a catastrophe."
Could We See $27,000 Gold?
Financial analyst and investment banker Jim Rickards makes the case that it could happen.
April CPI: Worst Good News Ever
The monthly rise in prices based on the Consumer Price Index came in slightly lower than projected, sending a wave of euphoria across the financial landscape.
Silver On The Launch Pad, Eyeing Run To $40
Gold steals most of the headlines, but silver has stealthily set itself up for a potential run to $40.
Industrial And Tech Demand For Gold Surged In Q1
Industrial and tech demand for gold rebounded in the first quarter, rising 10 percent year over year. Industrial and technological applications consumed about 79 tons of gold in Q1, according to data compiled by the World Gold Council.
Americans Aren't Convinced The Fed Is Winning The Inflation Fight
According to a New York Fed survey, people in the U.S. are bracing for generally hot price inflation for at least the next three years. 
Will The United States Become The Next Argentina?
Facing a record-high budget deficit and an entrenched inflation problem, the government is finally embracing fiscal responsibility in a significant way.
U.S. Government Ran Big Surplus In April But Don't Get Excited
The U.S. government ran a rare surplus in April, but don’t get too excited. The Biden administration hasn’t slowed down the spending train, and more budget shortfalls loom on the horizon. 
Platinum Market Faces Decade-High Supply Shortage
The total platinum supply in the first quarter of 2024 was at the second-lowest level since the organization began compiling data.
What Is Fiat Money And Why Is It A Problem?
Fiat money is just paper (or digits in a computer). It only has value because the government says so, and the majority of people accept it at its word.
Biden's Bureau Of Labor Statistics Is Cooking Jobs Reports
BLS admitting that “employment in February and March combined is 22,000 lower than previously reported.”
Convenience Store Gold Flying Off Shelves In Korea
Korea’s largest convenience store chain, CU, has teamed up with Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation to offer customers fingernail-sized gold bars.
Gold Up 4 Percent In April Despite Headwinds
Gold hit a new all-time high of 2,431 in April, but pulled back later in the month as hopes the Federal Reserve would cut interest rates in the near future faded.
Is The American Consumer Tapped Out? Credit Card Borrowing Tanked In March
According to the latest data released by the Fed, revolving credit cratered in March. Meanwhile, non-revolving credit continued to grow at a tepid rate, a trend we've seen for well over a year.
Navigating The Future Of Precious Metals: Insights And Legislative Advocacy From Industry Experts
Central Bank gold buying is a major driver, spurred by geopolitical tensions and economic sanctions, such as those imposed on Russia. This has led to increased demand for gold, particularly in Asia.
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