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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more

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FTX, The Rise And Fall Of A Crypto Ponzi Scheme
This FTX crypto scandal is a next-level scandal reading like an over-the-top Hollywood film, a bizarre crypto con story ending badly.
Wyoming & South Dakota Top 2023’s Sound Money Index
Vermont, New Jersey, Maine among the worst states on sound money in the country. Residents of Wyoming and South Dakota live in the most pro-sound money states in the U.S., according to the 2023 Sound Money Index released today.
Federal Reserve Note Suffers Pivotal Breakdown
While investors continue to await a possible Federal Reserve pivot toward monetary easing, the pivot has already occurred in major asset markets, including precious metals.
Collapse Of FTX Exchange Poses Warning Of Much Broader Risks
FTX had specifically touted itself as a safe and secure platform. That turned out not to be the case.
Crypto Carnage Exposes Untold Risks Of Unbacked Digital Wealth
Cryptocurrency markets were rattled this week by the abrupt collapse of FTX, a major exchange.
Powell May Be Planning A Post-Election Fed Pivot
The U.S. Dollar Index took a dive last Friday following a middling jobs report. Could the move be the start of a bigger breakdown?
Fed Continues Tough Talk, But Gold & Silver Show Resilience
Precious metals investors remain cautious following the Federal Reserve’s latest jumbo rate hike.
Why Gold’s Losing Streak May Soon Turn Around
The gold market enters trading for the month of November on a losing streak. Can bulls finally turn things around?
Fake Money Is Backed By Fake Statistics
The way the government measures the effects of inflation is flawed, to begin with. The basket of goods that go into the government’s CPI statistic is cherry-picked.
Banks On The Brink: Is Your Money Safe?
The global fractional-reserve banking system is teetering on the brink of failure.
U.S. Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill As Inflation Spirals Out Of Control
America’s currency would regain stable footing for the first time in half a century if a bill just introduced by U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) becomes law.
Globalists Warn Federal Reserve Against Further Rate Hikes
Fed chairman Jerome Powell's next move could trigger a global financial crisis.
Fed Is Desperate To Regain Respect
Another tumultuous week of trading in asset markets is raising hopes for a peak in the U.S. dollar and a bottom in precious metals.
Unsound Money Is To Blame
With markets in turmoil, it's becoming increasingly obvious that systemic economic risk is rising. What's less obvious – at least to most conventional analysts – is that unsound monetary policy is to blame.
Is Powell Bent On Wrecking The Economy?
As the Fed-fueled boom turns into a Fed-induced bust, central bankers will find themselves behind the curve on monetary policy, as usual.
Economic Conditions, Market Performance Worsen After Fed Rate Hike
Precious metals markets are trying to tough this week despite another large rate hike by the Federal Reserve.
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