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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more


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Federal Reserve’s New QE Transfers Wealth To Its Owner Banks
Metals investors are positioning themselves for rapidly developing political and geopolitical events, as well as a rapidly expanding Federal Reserve balance sheet.
David Smith: Consider Precious Metals For Insurance First, Profit Second…
Can you elaborate on why the opportunity to buy metals at these levels is going to be limited? What has changed today versus 2016 for example?
Monetary Madness Puts U.S. Dollars Holders In Jeopardy
We’re in uncharted territory. Never before have U.S. fiscal and monetary policy been leveraged so heavily to boost an economy that wasn’t even in a recession.
Silver Eyes Fourth Quarter Rebound
Precious metals markets enter the often favorable fourth quarter trading season with the potential to reinvigorate their major uptrends.
Q4 2019: Last Train Out For Gold, Silver And Platinum Bulls?
The run up of the last few months to $1,565 gold and $19 silver has stalled out into a relatively high-level correction, giving back less than might be expected after such a spirited rise.
Class-Action Suits May End With Payouts To Cheated Metals Investors
Gold and silver investors have been watching the Department of Justice investigation of criminal price rigging at JPMorgan Chase and other bullion banks carefully.
Scary Warning Signs In Cash Funding Markets
What is your theory as to why the Fed is suddenly pouring huge sums into that market?
JPMorgan’s Top Metals Trader In The Crosshairs For Illegal Manipulation
Michael Nowak, the global head of trading for both base and precious metals at JP Morgan Chase, has been charged by the US Justice department for his role in an illegal market manipulation operation.
The Race To Depreciate Fiat Currencies Is Accelerating
Metals investors are anxiously awaiting the market’s reaction to next week’s Fed meeting. We may see players in the futures markets move to smash gold and silver prices down to lower support zones in the trading around the Fed’s decision.
A “Looming” Recession Is A Golden Opportunity
It’s the most widely anticipated recession in history. The recession hasn’t arrived yet – and may not do so anytime soon – but the mainstream media still can’t stop talking about it.
Are Central Bankers Taking Sides In The 2020 Election?
Individual investors are nervous about the stock market and the possibility of a recession.
Gerald Celente: “Monetary Methadone” Is Running Out, Crash Looms
At this point, do you see a coherent reform movement in America. And what are you expecting, do things still have to get worse before people wake up and start making them better?
Fed Insider Proposes Using Fed Policy To Punish Trump
Everybody knows that President Trump favors larger scale reductions in interest rates. He wants low-cost money injected to help stimulate the economy and stock market ahead of next year’s election.
Will Silver’s Surprising Summer Surge Continue?
Just a few weeks ago, silver naysayers told us we’d have to wait months, or even years, before the market made a big move. Now they are eating their words.
Dominoes Falling At Big Banks That Rigged Precious Metals Markets
The crooked precious metals trading department at JPMorgan Chase lost another man last week. Christian Trunz pleaded guilty to criminal “spoofing” of the markets and resigned from his position as an Executive Director with the bank.
Jeff Christian Interview: Forecasting Sharply Higher Gold And Silver Prices Sooner
So, I think what we've seen over the last couple of months is a lot of that short term stuff. And we're worried that that might dissipate and that the long term investors haven't really come back into the market yet.
1 to 16 of 259 Posts
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