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What Is A Radio Brand?
How many other content distribution companies are so inextricably linked to their delivery mechanisms that they could not survive a technological transformation?
A “Duty Of Care” For Facebook
French regulators have recommended that social networks should have a legal obligation to moderate hate speech published on their platforms. However, regulators have no idea how this would or should be accomplished.
An EPCOT For The 5th Industrial Revolution: Showcasing The Possible
At the dawn of the 5th Industrial Revolution, we need a way for people to experience the possible.
Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping Drops Down To One Day
Amazon is getting ready to include one-day shipping for its Prime customers, instead of the interminable two-day shipping it currently offers. (How did we put up with this two-day stuff for so long?)
Music By AI – A Warning Label Is Now Required
AI is now capable of making music that is is so sophisticated, that most people can not differentiate between it, and music created by human artists.
The Next Great Decoupling: AI Takes Control
We may be on the verge of a new Great Decoupling: the separation of intelligence (AI) from consciousness (human).
Twitter Tackles Spam... Sort Of
You will now only be able to follow 400 accounts per day vs the previous limit of 1,000 per day. "I spent all day on Twitter and followed 975 people I really think will enhance my understanding of the world," said no one, ever.
China Has Already Won. But We’re Fighting The Wrong Fight
Do we need an AI bias council? Sure. It’s a great idea. Will it help the United States maintain its position as the technological leader of planet Earth? No. China has already won the AI race, and the United States may not have a way to catch up.
Facebook And Common Sense
In reading his op-ed in the Washington Post, "Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let’s start in these four areas," I was struck by its similarities to Thomas Paine’s pamphlet "Common Sense." Both deserve to be read in their entirety.
Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, And Apple TV+: Everything You Need To Know
At long last, Apple (AAPL) on Monday announced its new TV streaming service, Apple TV+, which will become a destination for some of the best and most exciting streaming video content when it launches later this year.
Apple’s Streaming TV Service
Will Apple compete with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon by implementing its own streaming TV service?
Society Vs. Social Media
Quality is in the eyes of the beholder. Using clickbait isn’t gaming the system; it is the system. It is not rigging the system. The system is already rigged and it’s rigged with a specific goal.
Facebook: Context For The Future
On one hand, people are pressuring all social media platforms to censor hate speech, bullying, and even coded messages in comments. On the other hand, there is no tolerance for the "test, fail, learn" methodology followed by all tech companies.
Please Stop The Buzzword BS
I’ve been at SXSW (one of my favorite annual gatherings) for about 24 hours and my head is about to explode. While there are incredible experiences to be had here and there is some amazing tech on display, Buzzword BS is at record levels.
Alternatives To Facebook
Whether or not Facebook deserves the scrutiny it is under is a great topic for another article. Today, I look at alternatives. If you don’t like Facebook, what might work for you? Is it time for the reemergence of focused social networks?
Can YouTube Ever Be Brand Safe?
If you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer. Asked as, “Can YouTube ever be brand safe?” the answer is no. There is no possible way to make YouTube, or any site that relies so heavily on user-generated content (UGC), 100% brand safe.
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