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GameStop FOMO Inspires A New Wave Of Crypto Pump-and-Dumps
Welcome to Crypto Saturday. Here's a synopsis of interesting articles about crypto, NFTs, DeFi, DEXs, Dapps, Smart Contracts, and other interesting blockchain stuff you may have missed during the week.
University Nukes Data, Gets Schooled
Want a real education? Back up your own data. That's the lesson students and faculty at New Zealand's Victoria University of Wellington learned last week
Weaponizing Deepfakes
Social media platforms thrive on the engagement, those schooled in the art profit from their technical prowess, and those who benefit from the weaponized content have a world of new attack vectors. Who says AI isn't creating new jobs?
Stupid And Wrong Is A Deadly Combination
The amount of misinformation about Covid safety from the "anit-mask" crowd is stunning and dangerous.
Is Cable Cooked?
Why spend $50/month for 140 channels of basic cable when you can cut the cord and stream the stuff you really want for less than half the price?
The Online Watercooler
I miss meeting new people and I miss bumping into people I know. So I decided to do something about it... introducing the Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salons. Free, category-specific, weekly, 20-minute, super-curated, small Zoom meetings
The Chinese Listen
Google Translate's mobile and AR features are processed mostly on your device, meaning that your privacy (while always at "American Big Tech Level" risk) is not at "Big Brother Level" risk.
Amazon Flexing Its Muscle
Amazon is limiting the ability of some competitors to promote their products.
Apple Blinks
In the wake of a public complaint from Facebook, Apple has postponed enforcement of its upcoming iOS 14 software for iPhones that would require app developers to request users' permission to track them across apps for advertising purposes
Amazon Drivers Are Putting Smartphones In Trees
To "game" Amazon's automated dispatch system, drivers are hanging smartphones in nearby trees to get a jump on other (less tech-savvy) drivers.
Netflix Game Of Chance With Shuffle Play
Netflix introduces "Shuffle Play" to help those who have Netflix fatigue find new shows to watch. Will it's algorithm work?
You Can’t Meet In-Person, But You Can Meet Face-to-Face
How many times have you attended a cocktail party and bumped into a friend who asked you if you knew the person they were speaking with? This has been considered the missing element of online networking events.
TikTok Ban: "OMG! Will Things Go Back To Normal Now?"
Learning from her friends that TikTok view counts were all zeros, and thinking that this was a signal that TikTok was about to be banned, my friend's 12-year-old daughter ran up to her mom and excitedly said, "OMG! Will things go back to normal now?"
Coronavirus And Working Remotely
Earlier this week, Twitter held an all-hands meeting using Google Hangouts and Slack. According to my friends at Twitter, the experiment was a resounding success. This raises a question...
A Simple Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe To Combat Coronavirus
According to the CDC, the WHO, the best defense against coronavirus (COVID-19) is hand sanitizer. But good luck finding any in stores or online. The good news: you can easily make it at home. Here’s a low-tech hack...
Class Action Suit Against Clearview AI Cites Illinois Law That Cost Facebook $550M
Facebook settled a lawsuit alleging violations of privacy laws in Illinois. Now controversial startup Clearview AI, which has gleefully admitted to scraping and analyzing the data of millions, is the target of a new lawsuit citing similar violations.
1 to 16 of 32 Posts
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