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Shelly Palmer is Fox 5 New York's On-air Tech Expert (WNYW-TV) and the host of Fox Television's monthly show Shelly Palmer Digital Living. He also hosts United Stations Radio ... more


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Crypto Bloodbath
For anyone who invested at the top of the crypto hype cycle over the past few weeks, today is a reprise of "Black Tuesday."
The Birth Of The New Economy
In this podcast, we how to pivot and grow your business. Plus, learn how you can get more of your money back from the government.
Podcast: Facebook Giving Slighshot One Last Chance
When Facebook launched Slingshot, some people saw it as nothing more than a Snapchat knockoff. But Slingshot had a unique feature: to see the photos or videos your friends sent you, you’d need to sling a photo or video back to them. Audio Length 0:54.
Shelly Palmer Radio Report: Amazon Acquiring Video Game Streaming Site For $970 Million
Amazon recently announced that it was acquiring video game streaming site for $970 million.
Shelly Palmer Radio Report – July 24, 2014
What if your office lamp could tell your co-workers where you were? That’s the thinking behind Place Lamp, which syncs with your smartphone to set up “geofences” that detect how far you are from your lamp.
Shelly Palmer Radio Report – July 17, 2014
Fit Smart, a new fitness tracker from Adidas, is taking a different approach to the Quantified Self.
Facebook "Experiments" On Users By Tweaking Their Newsfeeds
If it seems like your Facebook friends are a bit more depressed than usual, blame Facebook. The social media site recently revealed that it tweaked the news feed of about 700,000 users to see how they reacted to positive or negative posts. (Audio length 1:00)
Market Minute: Netflix Raises Membership Fees For New Members
Netflix has officially raised the monthly price of membership for new members, who will now have to fork over $9 a month. That’s a dollar more than the $8 price point the company has charged for several years. Existing members won't see any price increase for another two years. (Audio length 0:55).
Market Minute: Nike Discontinues Fuel Bands, Lays Off Staff
Nike recently discontinued Nike Fuel bands and fired a bunch of related staff. However, President and CEO Mark Parker said the company still plans to be a part of wearables through partnerships going forward. (Audio length 0:56)
Market Minute: Amazon And Twitter Team Up To Give You A New Way To Shop
If you’re scrolling through Twitter and see an Amazon product link to something you want to buy, you can now add it to your Amazon shopping cart by responding to the tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart. (Audio length 0;55)
Radio Report – Tablets And Children
It’s never too soon for your child to play with a tablet, and if you think they’re ready for a tablet of their very own, here are some of my favorites...
Podcast: Interview With Herb Mitschele, CEO Of Shodogg
Shodogg creates instant connections between your content and you and lets you access digital content stored in the cloud with any mobile device, and lets you put that content on any web-enabled screen.
Could Apple And Microsoft Be On A Crash Course To Merge?
The idea’s crazy, but not totally crazy.
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