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The Facebook Boycott Expands
The list of big advertisers that have decided to boycott Facebook has continued to grow, and that boycott has now expanded to include all social media advertising.
Baa! Everybody Wants To Be TikTok Now
Seems like Google is sad that TikTok has surpassed YouTube on some important viewing metrics, so YouTube is going to start testing a new feature on mobile that will allow users to record 15-second long multi-segment videos
TikTok For Business
Now that TikTok for Business (nothing new here except the Brand Scan feature) has organized its advertising tools in a smart, convenient, and easier to use way… buckle up.
Lyft Is Making Autonomous Vehicle Tech Safer. But…
Lyft published its Approach to Autonomous Vehicle Safety, which outlines how the company plans to execute on its mission to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. But with COVID-19 infections spreading, are people ready?
Google Will Stop Letting Advertisers Target Housing Ads Based On Gender, Age And Zip Code
Google will prohibit ads for those three categories from being targeted based on users’ gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code, it said in a blog post Thursday.
Regulating Twitter
Imagine a universe where Twitter is fully regulated, an alternative Twitterverse. This is not a place that will ever exist, but sometimes it’s helpful to simplify complex issues to help think them through. What would a perfect Twitterverse be like?
Trump And The End Of Social Media
According to people close to the White House (and practically every news outlet), President Trump is drafting an executive order with the goal of dramatically punishing social media.
The Process Is The Product
Two things are as true as ever: create an environment where people are excited, honored, humbled, and scared all at the same time, and you will have a great outcome. Build, continuously innovate and evolve a process, and the product will be magical.
What Would You Say To The Graduating Class Of 2020?
There’s no way that any rational human being could think that any of us are lucky to be living through the pandemic. It is a tragic war with tragic outcomes, and the economy may not recover for decades.
Zoom Fatigue Is A Thing
Does anyone just want to have a conference call? I’m not sure how much longer I can stare into a camera and pretend not to be multitasking.
Pandemic Scenario Planning
The coronavirus pandemic is teeming with known unknowns. How many people have had it? How many people will get it? Etc. We’ve helped our corporate clients reframe and answer them in multiple ways. You can too. Here’s how.
How Do You See The Post-Pandemic Future?
Worrying about AI taking white-collar jobs, or the fate of commoditized packaged goods, or the adoption rates of IoT devices, or the potential deployment of 5G service seems meaningless if people are worried about being safe.
The Convergence Of Business, Tech, Culture And Innovation
I suggested that there might be a need for an invitation-only, highly curated, viciously monitored social network with subject matter restricted to business, tech, culture and innovation. Here’s a list of the common themes and feature requests.
Are You Responsible For Your AI-biased Business Decisions?
AI models learn. That’s the great news. But they need proper feedback loops to continuously improve. Machines are not human, and they have no context.
Ad Blocking As High As 30%
Stats in a new report from Blockthrough suggest that more than 750 million devices (mobile and computer) were running ad blockers in Q4 2019.
Google SEO? It’s All Paid Now
Google has made some unsubtle changes to its search results. And while it will certainly boost ad revenue, it’s simply begging watchdogs and regulators to pick a fight. But perhaps Google is looking for a fight...
1 to 16 of 462 Posts
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