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Apple Vs. Facebook
A new iOS update has Facebook fuming.
Corporate Zoomicide
Time to get back to work. But is your company setting you up for “Corporate Zoomicide?”
Parler Will Be Back In Apple App Store
Parler, an app that calls itself an unbiased social network, will be allowed back in the Apple App Store after it updates its content moderation practices to comply with Apple’s terms of service.
Coinbase’s Nasdaq Debut Is A Hit
Almost everyone you know who has a substantial amount of BTC or ETH has done at least a few trades on Coinbase.
NFTs: Parlor Trick Or Paradigm Shift?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold an NFT of his first tweet for more than $2.9 million.
No Cookie, No Data!
Google announced it will stop selling ads based on your personal web browsing history.
Big Tech Vs. Australia: The Plot Thickens
Facebook and Google have to pay for news in Australia. That’s the law! Except… there are loopholes that allow for negotiation, and the way the law is written allows both sides to spin the story as if they won.
You Gotta Love A Law Big Corporations Hate!
If you’re familiar with Net Neutrality, you know that the Obama Administration was pushing six principles that would define a free and open internet.
Space Tourism Begins This Year
Well, that day just got much closer as Elon Musk plans to launch Jared Isaacman and an all-civilian crew into orbit later this year. The age of space tourism has begun.
3Mbps Uploads Still Fast Enough, Says Outgoing FCC Chair
FCC chair Ajit Pai released the annual broadband deployment report just before he left. Pai’s report says, “We conclude that fixed services with speeds of 25/3Mbps continue to meet the statutory definition of advanced telecommunications capability.”
Alibaba Facing Anti-Monopoly Probe By Chinese Government
There are many interesting things about the Chinese government investigating “suspected monopolistic conduct.” What it tells me is that no matter the political system, big tech scares big government.
Apple Will Remove Apps That Track Users Without Opt-In Permission
Starting in 2021, Apple will remove apps from its App Store that don’t comply with its App Tracking Transparency guidelines. That’s ATT in Apple-speak, and it specifies that users must give opt-in permission to be tracked.
Is TikTok Saved? What About WeChat?
Talks about the Oracle deal to partner with TikTok and the potential fate of WeChat with Kerry Drew and Bianca Peters on Fox 5’s Good Day New York.
Should You Be Worried About The Twitter Hack?
Twitter was hacked.
FV What Big Tech Is Doing About Coronavirus (COVID-19)
How big tech is handling the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what they might be able to do with the data.
Apple's Digital Blood Work
Shelly Palmer talks with Kerry Drew and Bianca Peters on Fox 5’s Good Day New York about Apple’s commitment to healthcare, One Drop (for diabetes patients) and new robots that can draw blood with greater accuracy and less pain the human technicians.
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