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Roger Nusbaum brings 30 years of investment industry experience into his newest role as ETF Strategist at AdvisorShares.

For many years the Random Roger blog has focused on portfolio construction, behavioral finance, the need for innovative retirement solutions and ETF thought ... more

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Don't Make This Mistake With Factor Investing
A look at the mixed success of buyback investing.
It's OK To Be Skeptical
Is the market actually growing to the sky? Or as dire as some others claim?
Don't Let Retirement News Gloom Keep You Down
Americans have a problem: they are undersaved but it is solvable.
It Turns Out Retirement Planning Is Complicated
Teresa Ghildarducci is a well known retirement maven. In a recent interview, she said that retirement plans have too many variables. A backup is needed.
Asset Allocation Don'ts
Don't have an alternatives portfolio hedged with a small exposure to equities.
Healthspan & Financialspan
A new term for financial health and a firefighting story...
A Solution For Sequence Of Return Risk?
An old strategy thought of in a different light.
The 4% Rule Is Dead! No It's Not!
The "safe withdrawal rate" of 4% may not consider taxes and maybe 30 years is too short for planning purposes but I think the bigger threat to the 4% rule is that it is built on total returns from the bond market that do not exist anymore.
Curve Inversion And You
Implications of yield curve inversions.
Just Let Go
Owning three index funds will result in less to do than owning 40 individual stocks. If you take the time to manage your portfolio using a diversified slate of individual stocks there is no guarantee that you will get better returns.
Buffett's Latest Thoughts On Indexing
Is Buffett up to no good when he praises indexing?
Intermittent... Spending?
A round up of Saturday reading.
Hedge Fund Replicators, All That Or Not?
Another type of popular hedge fund strategy is long/short.
Everything About Finance Distilled Into A Short List
The list may not be long but it is powerful.
The 23 Year Rule?
There is no situation where having more money made it worse.
That Bear Market Call Looks Wrong ... Again
Regardless of whether this is or is not a bear market, the one after this one will start from a much higher level.
1 to 16 of 225 Posts
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