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Roger Nusbaum brings 30 years of investment industry experience into his newest role as ETF Strategist at AdvisorShares.

For many years the Random Roger blog has focused on portfolio construction, behavioral finance, the need for innovative retirement solutions and ETF thought ... more


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EC The Low Volatility Dilemma
Where the strategy trumps the factor.
Are Factor Funds Hokum?
As with all strategies, having the right expectations is crucial.
Don't Let Tweets Drive Portfolio Decisions
If anything caused the selloff and no matter where it goes from here, there is zero reason to deviate from whatever your chosen investment strategy is. Loud social media posts don't change how the market works.
Is The 60/40 Portfolio Really Dead?
You need to have a gameplan in case 40% to bonds is a bad idea.
The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen!
A look at a new risk parity fund in the pipeline.
There's A Lot That's Different But The Important Stuff Is The Same
The details are always different, the market manifestations are not.
Tariff Panic
Different threat, same market reaction.
That's What I'm Talking About
If you think about the bull market/bear market cycle, it's a two steps forward one step back phenomenon.
Are You Financially Functional?
Yet another intersection between personal health and personal finance.
Is Maximum Optionality The Most Important Gift You Can Give Yourself?
The building block of understanding for sustainability of however much you end up with is that a 4% withdrawal rate has never failed.
How To Avoid Having Your Strategy Blow Up
I would argue that with the right asset allocation, a strategic blow up is totally unnecessary and preventable. One key is having a simple portfolio. Another is keeping emotion out of the equation.
Learned Lately: Deadlifting And Bitcoin
To the extent we confront various asymmetric opportunities in our lives, it helps to know which ones actually involve risk and which ones don't.
Bitcoin Is Back Baby!
After a huge run in the last couple of months, Bitcoin (BITCOMP​) has gone even more 'parabolicker' in the last couple of days taking $10,000 on Friday night and spending a little time above $11,000 on Saturday.
Solving Life's Problems
Fortunately, you already know what to do.
Do Small Portfolio Changes Matter?
Two different outcomes using the same diversifiers.
Retirement & Race Cars
Healthy and successful retirement should include actual problem solving as opposed to what many think of as brain exercises, such as crosswords and the like. Volunteering and pursuing hobbies are great ways to achieve this.
1 to 16 of 243 Posts
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