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Roger Nusbaum brings 30 years of investment industry experience into his newest role as ETF Strategist at AdvisorShares.

For many years the Random Roger blog has focused on portfolio construction, behavioral finance, the need for innovative retirement solutions and ETF thought ... more

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Asset Allocation Exercise
A wildly disconnected stock market.
How I Invest My Money
"How I Invest My Money" is the title of a new book from Josh Brown and Brian Portnoy that curates thoughts from 25 investment professionals who also write about investing. Here are my own thoughts on the matter...
A Huge Gap In Your Retirement Planning?
If you can accept that you don't know what the future you will want to do then you might start to think more about your optionality and things you can do to enhance your optionality.
Reading Roundup: Looking For Resilience
Is the world more fragile, or just our country? To the extent things are bad collectively doesn't mean they must be bad for you individually if you are ready.
Dissecting Barron's Retirement Cover Story
Not having at least a Plan B one year from retirement will very likely lead to a bad outcome. You are not prepared for retirement if you don't have even a partial backup plan.
A Great Year To Test Alternative Strategies
I either want an alternative to zig when the stock market zags or I want it to offer a smoother ride to a similar result.
The 4% Rule Is Dead... Continued
Successful people are best able to adapt.
The S&P 500 Is At Its High And Yes, That Makes No Sense
The market is at a high, repeating a behavior that has occurred many times before; equity markets rise when the shouldn't on a very regular basis.
It Boils Down To Having The Correct Asset Allocation
if half your portfolio is in cash and bonds, the other half needs to do a lot of work If you are behind where you should be for your age and intended retirement date then yes, your equity exposure does need to do a lot of work.
Knowing When You've Won
If an investment grows into a life-changing piece of money, sell at least some of it and let it change your life.
COVID-19 Forcing People To Retire?
Having your hand forced to retire, or otherwise find new work, unexpectedly a few years before you were planning to is real threat for someone in their 50's. They are far enough from retirement age and many would not be financially ready.
Are Capital Markets Ergodic?
Too much trading poses the risk that you end up being correct for the short term but wrong for the long term.
Is It Possible To Save Too Much Money?
This is the time for what used to be the future you, now just you, to benefit from the decisions you made when you were younger.
Is Everything We Know About Retirement Planning Wrong?
Even if you don't think you need to create an additional income stream you probably should anyway. What if the Social Security program actually has to confront cutting the payout? How is your resiliency to that?
Health Insurance Dysfunction
Someone who bought a house ten years ago factoring $500/mo for health insurance to determine how much house they could afford might be in real trouble today having to pay $1500 or $2000 every month for health insurance.
Resiliency In The Face Of Disruption
Whether it's avoiding having to wait hours to buy toilet paper or not having to sell stock at a loss to pay the bills, planning for disruptions is the best way to avoid being crushed by stress.
1 to 16 of 310 Posts
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