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E Cannabis Central: The MSO Pot Stock Sub-Index Is Bouncing Back
The MSO Pot Stock Sub-Index has gone up 60% since the beginning of 2021 and +34% since the beginning of February and is up 5% so far in March. This article identifies the winners and losers and the reasons behind their movements.
E Cannabis Central: MSO Pot Stock Sub-Index Declined 7.4% Last Week
The Pure-Play MSO Pot Stock Sub-Index is up 57% since the beginning of 2021 and up 32% since the beginning of February but it was down 7% this past week.
E Market Took A Bite Out Of The Plant-Based Food Stocks Index In February
Our Pure-Play Plant-Based Food Stocks Index tracking the 8 stocks in the fledgling plant-based fake meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood sector is back to flat (+0.75%) YTD.
E Aggressive Reddit Short Squeeze Activity Still At Play
Those stocks with +30% short interests declined 3.8%, on average, last week. This article takes a look at the short interest stock activity this past week and their performances since mid-January when the aggressive short squeeze activity began.
E Cannabis Central: Licensed Producer Pot Stock Sub-Index Crashed 14.5%
The Canadian LP component of our Pure-Play Pot Stock Index continued to decline across the board this past week ranging from -6.2% to -16.6% and averaging a full -14.5%.
E Cronos Group Reports Dismal Q4 Financial Results
Cronos reported dismal Q4 financials for the period ending December 31, 2020, today.
E Valens Company Q4 Financials Negative Across The Board
The Valens Company Inc. is a global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative, cannabinoid-based products and a constituent in the Pure-Play Pot Stock Index and it reported its Q4, 2020, financials yesterday.
E Pure-Play Pot Stock Index Performance Has Gone Negative
The Pure-Play Pot Stock Index is down 3.5% so far this week after having taken a rest last week (+0.56%) following a 25.6% advance during the previous 2 weeks.
E Pure-Play Pot Stock Index Slowed To A Crawl Last Week
The Pure-Play Pot Stock Index took a rest last week, up only 0.56% after having advanced by an amazing 25.6%  during the first 2 weeks of February.
E Is It Game Over For GameStop And Other High Short Interest Stocks?
The 29 Reddit stocks with short interests in excess of 30% have declined 8.9%, on average, in the past week. So is the short squeeze in these stocks over?
E Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index Continues To Appreciate In Value
Our Pure-Play Psychedelic Drug Stock Index went up 24.0% in the last 3 weeks.
E The Pure-Play LP Pot Stock Index Decline Accelerated On Thursday
The Canadian Licensed Producer component of the Pure-Play Pot Stock Index of 9 vertically integrated constituents has accelerated its decline since Tuesday going down 6.1% on Wednesday and a further 9.5% on Thursday but is still up 90% YTD.
E Tilray Inc. Corrects Despite Much Improved Q4 Financial Results
Tilray's revenue beat analysts' expectations, increasing by 10%, with cannabis revenue up 31% and hemp revenue down 23%.
E LP Pot Stock Index Continues To Surge - Up 13.5% On Tuesday
The Pure-Play Pot Stock Index of 9 vertically integrated constituents continues to surge going up 13.5% on Tuesday and is now up 118.6% YTD.
E Aurora Q2 Financial Results: Static Revenue Growth; 71% Improvement In EBITDA
Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced its Q2 financial results today for the period ended December 30, 2020.
E Pure-Play Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index Up 18.5% In Past 2 Weeks
Biopharmaceutical companies doing research into psychedelic compounds for the treatment of mental health problems has almost doubled in the last 3 months to 38.
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