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Joseph Cox holds a degree in Intellectual History from Univ. of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Financial Analysis.

He is the author of a number of books on related to policy. The City on the ... more

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E Brutality, Riots And A Way Forward
Sometimes there is a news item that crosses all the barriers. As such, the coronavirus has become central to every discussion, from foreign policy to economics.
E The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Foreign Policy) - Part 3
What the US lacks is a clear foreign policy objective.
E The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Healthcare) - Part 2
The great paradox of healthcare is that profit has made it an obligation.
E The Road To A Post-Corona Boom - Part 1
As we look at the massive unemployment brought on by the coronavirus, the economic displacement gives us an opportunity to trigger an economic boom within our own borders.
E “Some Of My Best Friends Are Economists”
In a coronavirus world, it is not the printing of money but the lack of goods and services that threatens the value of currency.
E The Cost Of Our Coronavirus Insanity
No matter how good the intentions, prioritizing only one good will inevitably lead to great evil.
E Does The Future Scare You?
Our world has changed. Even if we discover the perfect Wuhan Respiratory Syndrome cure tomorrow, our lives will never be as they were.
The No Corona Episode
Are you tired of Corona? Do you feel like you're ready to hear about anything else? This is the video for you. In this episode we review the top stories that have nothing to do with Corona.
E The Thing In The Sky - A Coronavirus Story
In case it isn't clear, I am calling for a shutdown of a pre-determined and limited duration (a few weeks) during which capacity should be ramped up as aggressively as possible.
E Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
More and more voices have realized the call for an indefinite shutdown is a call to self-destruction. Covid-19 is here to stay. Let's lay out a plan to move forward with our new reality...
E What Our Leaders Should Be Saying...
I’m not the President, I’m not the Prime Minister. But if I were, this is the speech I would deliver.
E Stop The Corona Insanity - The Data
Only those with symptoms are being tested. We only see the tip of the iceberg...
E I'm A Coronavirus Heretic. Here's Why...
The COVID-19 virus is terrible. It will kill many people and overwhelm our health systems. But what we're doing about it is almost certainly worse. Here's why...
What To Do About Coronavirus (COVID-19)
What would I do about Coronavirus? Listen and find out!
Disease And Despair
What can you do when you've got a helicopter crash and a plague to deal with?
On Impeachment
My humorous take on the impeachment process...
1 to 16 of 16 Posts