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Jeff Miller was a partner in NewArc Investments from 1997-2019.  After the purchase of NewArc by Incline Investment Advisors, Jeff became the Portfolio Manager for the combined firm. Jeff is a registered investment advisor. He has worked for market ... more


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EC Weighing The Week Ahead: All Eyes On Earnings
The economic calendar is one of the lightest we will see in 2020 and while the news will be filled with impeachment updates, for us, there are 144 earnings reports from S&P 500 stocks.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Is It Time To Worry About Inflation?
Some thought leaders are wondering: Is it time to worry about inflation? With both the PPI and CPI reports this week, now is as good a time as any to consider this question.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Middle East Conflict Bring An End To The Bull Market?
the U.S./Iran confrontation has taken center stage. Financial media will pursue each of the many threads, not always sticking to market implications. The key question will be: Will Middle East conflict bring an end to the bull market?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Does Historical Analysis Improve Market Forecasts?
This week some reporters will take a look instead at events from the past decade. This raises a good question for our consideration: Does analyzing history improve our market forecasts?
Stock Exchange: Time To Batten Down The Hedges?
Stops or hedges? Both limit risk but in different ways. Which should be preferred? Does your choice depend upon the market?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Investors Too Complacent?
The economic calendar is very light and interrupted by the mid-week holiday. We can always see volatility when volume is low, but many market participants will be on an extended holiday. I expect many to be asking: Are investors too complacent?
Stock Exchange: Intuition Or Intu Wishing?
Nobody knows what the future holds. Investing like you “know” what will happen in the future to the positions in your portfolio is dangerous indeed. Focus on refining your process and investing according to how the markets are behaving… right now.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Whose Year-ahead Vision Is 20/20?
The calendar will be driving financial media through the end of the year. It is the time for the de rigueur forecasts for the year ahead. The key question? Whose vision of the year ahead is 20/20?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will This Rally Never End?
The economic calendar is moderate, with the FOMC decision, retail sales and inflation data.With the temptation to look to 2020, expect plenty of discussion about the extended bull market. Expect many to be asking in frustration: Will this never end?
Weighing The Week Ahead: All Eyes On Black Friday
This week the market and economic context suggests a different theme: Will Black Friday results confirm consumer strength? Can this spark the typical Santa Claus rally, or should we expect (like last year) a big lump of coal?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Is It Time To Worry About Debt?
Is it time to worry about debt? Even though the debt limit will probably be raised, let’s pick this week for a closer look at debt.
Weighing The Week Ahead: A Time For Investors To Act
The economic calendar is a light one in sharp contrast to last week’s. That was a good time to observe the market reaction to a wide range of news. Now is the time for investors to use the information.
Stock Exchange: It’s Difficult To Argue With A Market At New Highs
Economic data is often conflicting and at times murky. At the same time, daily news headlines can cause investors to lose sight of the big picture in waiting for a negative event to occur that never materializes.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Analyzing Market Expectations
The economic calendar is massive, including the most important reports, The FOMC is meeting, there's daily news about impeachment and the trade war. How will the market react to this news avalanche?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Earnings Season Opportunity?
With the Q3 earnings reporting season in full swing, that news rates to be more important than the economic reports. Despite the likely drumbeat of political news, investors should be asking if this season is an opportunity.
Weighing The Week Ahead: A Defining Moment For Financial Markets
It is another week when nearly all of the punditry will be asking the wrong questions. Astute investors should be asking: Does the trade negotiation process represent a defining moment for financial markets?
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