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Jeff Miller was a partner in NewArc Investments from 1997-2019.  After the purchase of NewArc by Incline Investment Advisors, Jeff became the Portfolio Manager for the combined firm. Jeff is a registered investment advisor. He has worked for market ... more


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Weighing The Week Ahead: Is Falling Confidence A Threat To Markets?
The economic calendar is more important than usual. There is an emphasis on housing data as well as reports on leading indicators, industrial production, and regional Fed surveys. The most important story will be the Fed’s Wednesday rate decision.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Is It Time To Worry About Crowded Trades?
In the last two weeks the market rebound has included a change in tone. A broader discussion has emerged in the financial media, leading pundits to wonder: Is it time to worry about crowded trades?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Can Presidential Politics Change The Course Of Economic Policy?
The economic calendar is among the biggest, but politics and personalities are playing a larger role in financial news.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Can Feedback Alter Trump’s Course?
The economic calendar is significant, but fundamentals are taking a secondary role. Friday's Presidential tweetstorm raised uncertainty on trade, the global economy, Fed policy, taxes and traditional alliances. Attention now turns to the reaction.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Is The Yield Curve Inversion On The Jackson Hole Agenda?
Since market commentators believe that the Fed should focus on the most recent market concerns, I expect the question: Will the yield curve inversion be part of the Jackson Hole Agenda?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Get Out, Hide Out, Or Ride It Out?
The economic calendar is normal, featuring housing starts, retail sales, and Michigan sentiment. Expect the pundits to be looking at the week behind to find material for the week ahead, asking: Should you get out, hide out, or ride it out?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Have The Facts Changed Your Mind?
The economic calendar is one of the smallest of the year. With last week’s market decline and increased volatility, pundits who are not on a summer vacation can do some navel-gazing and reconsider their conclusions. Or not.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Four Risky Hurdles
The economic calendar is massive, and that is just the start. Earnings season is in full swing. US/China trade talks resume. And finally, the FOMC announces its interest rate decisions. Expect plenty of commentary on the individual news items.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Are You Part Of The Dumb Money?
In quiet times the punditry loves to look at the markets through the prism of a bull-bear debate. I am seeing some new takes on both sides, but the most colorful is the question: Are you part of the “Dumb Money?”
Weighing The Week Ahead: How Much Has Economic Weakness Hurt Corporate Earnings?
It is the start of earnings season. With everyone convinced about economic deterioration, expect the pundits to be asking: How much has the weak global economy affected corporate earnings?
Stock Exchange: Are You Guilty Of Risk Creep?
With the Dow Jones Industrial Average again recently regaining new all time highs, what could possibly go wrong?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Who Really Runs The Fed?
President Trump has identified interest rates and Fed policy as the “most important problem” facing the nation. Pundits and financial media will follow that lead, raising the question: Who is really running the Fed?
Payroll Employment Data: You Can’t Believe Your Eyes
The payroll employment report is regarded as the most important economic news of the month. It is also the most misunderstood.
Stock Exchange: Climbing The Wall Of Worry - July 4, 2019
Despite a non-stop flow fear mongering from the media, the market continues to climb the wall of worry.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Chinese Fireworks?
The combination of events, data, and the calendar make the week ahead even murkier than usual. I expect an initial focus on the US/China trade truce, a shift to discussion of the implications for Fed policy, and a fast exit for the beach.
Stock Exchange: Are You Missing The Big Picture?
With trading, it’s easy to get lost in the minutia. Traders often get so caught up in the details of the day to day, that they lose sight of the big picture.
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