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Jeff Miller was a partner in NewArc Investments from 1997-2019.  After the purchase of NewArc by Incline Investment Advisors, Jeff became the Portfolio Manager for the combined firm. Jeff is a registered investment advisor. He has worked for market ... more


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Weighing The Week Ahead: Sustaining A Fragile Recovery
The economic news is encouraging, but the worry continues... Can the fragile recovery be sustained?
Investing For The Long Term: Time To Be Wary
There is plenty of time for the long-term investor to find great choices at good prices. After scouring the top ideas, here are my picks.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Understanding A Mixed Message
Some are comforted by the market rally. It is easy to find “experts” making predictions for extreme market moves. The most important question we face? How should investors interpret the mixed market and economic messages?
Weighing The Week(s) Ahead: Can Investors Depend On The Rebound Trend?
Everyone is watching jobless claims for confirmation that employment is rebounding from the extremely depressed levels. With so many economic and market crosscurrents, it is a good time for investors to align their expectations.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Are We There Yet?
There is widespread willingness to look beyond the chasm of this recession and ask what it will be like on the other side. You can almost hear the chorus of voices asking, are we there yet?
Weighing The Week Ahead: A Search For Balance In The Great Reopening
The economic calendar features many important reports – housing, consumer confidence, personal income, personal spending, and the Fed’s Beige Book. We now have April data for economic reports and May data for confidence.
Weighing The Week Ahead: There Are No Shortcuts
The economic data is gradually becoming interesting again. But none of the reports will mean much until we have a timeline for the pandemic, reopening the economy, and the reactions of consumers and businesses.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Roadblocks To Recovery
The stocks rallied on a day with a terrible jobs number makes clear the actual market focus. I expect market participants to be monitoring the economic reopening and asking, "What are the roadblocks to the rebound?"
Close Reading: Will The Market “Tumble Back To Its Coronavirus Lows In March?”
Are the prior bear markets similar to current conditions? No, they actually seem quite different. Every metric I examine shows unprecedented readings. Investors are confronting a unique problem.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Are You Ready For Some High-Stakes Gambling?
Despite the interest in employment, markets are looking beyond the current horrible numbers. Everyone is paying attention to the reopening of the US economy and how things will look in the future.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Should Investors Become Traders?
The economic calendar is packed with important reports. In normal times we would all be very interested, but the times are far from normal. Several of the reports emphasize April data, the first full impacts of the pandemic and shutdowns.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Investors, encouraged by these apparent plans, are trying to look beyond the recession. This is a good concept but represents a huge emotional swing from just a few weeks ago.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Good Questions But Poor Answers
Investors want to know whether we have seen the bottom in stock prices. They ask, “When will people return to work? Is it time to start buying stocks?" The problem? We are faced with many good questions but only poor answers.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Navigating The Maze Of Models
All anyone cares about right now is the increase in coronavirus cases and deaths. There are plenty of predictions, each based on model from a reputable source. The variation is wide. How do we navigate them all?
Critical Thinking: Cyclical Stock Potential
At a time when many investors are taking a hard look at their portfolios, good information is more important than ever. Sadly, it is even harder to come by.
Weighing The Week Ahead: A Quest For Clarity
Once again, no one cares about the economic calendar. There have been big changes with more to come. While many claim to know what those changes will be, I see only speculation.
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