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Jeff Miller was a partner in NewArc Investments from 1997-2019. After the purchase of NewArc by Incline Investment Advisors, Jeff became the Portfolio Manager for the combined firm. A registered investment advisor, Jeff worked for market makers at the Chicago ...more

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Weighing The Week Ahead: Building A Transition Portfolio
With markets near record highs, many investors are wondering about the safety of their portfolios. With growing hope for a full economic recovery, it is wise to ask: Is it time to build a “transition” portfolio?
Weighing The Week Ahead: A Letter From Mr. Market
We have a big week for data. Retail sales and housing data will be most important. Industrial production will provide evidence about the strength of the recovery.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Does The Reddit Rebellion Threaten Investor Portfolios?
Someday our focus can return to data and earnings. For now, many are worried, asking: How will the Reddit Rebellion affect my investments?
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Will Biden Proposals Mean For Investors?
This week everyone will be focused on the Inauguration and hopes for a peaceful transition of power. Anyone with skin in the game will be asking: What does a Biden Administration mean for my investments?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Can Earnings Growth Justify Current Stock Prices?
We have an array of interesting data in the week ahead. Most importantly, we have the start of earnings season. Can earnings grow enough to validate current stock prices?
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Can Investors Expect Before Springtime?
Investors need to prepare for the future. It is still helpful to be less specific, take a shorter time frame, and focus on what we should be watching. How about asking this: What should we expect before Springtime?
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Can Investors Do About Gridlock?
The economy remains secondary for market participants. It has been ignored for months, so why change now?
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Is The State Of The Recovery?
We have a relatively normal week for economic reports, featuring small business optimism, Michigan consumer sentiment and jobless claims. Little is expected from the CPI and PPI data. The JOLTS report is a lagging indicator for economic strength.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Algos Go Wild?
In a holiday-shortened week trading volume will be lower. Normally this means low volume and little volatility. Perhaps not this time. The field is open for algorithmic trading, which reacts quickly to key words in headlines.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Learning From Swiss Cheese
Politics, market gyrations, and the coronavirus will be the media topics. A bigger challenge is finding a way to identify what is important and to determine the causal relationships.
Weighing The Week Ahead: The Elusive Logic Of Mr. Market
We have a very light economic calendar, and the earnings season is winding down. The punditry loves these opportunities. Rather than dealing with data, the field is open for speculation.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Do Not Be Seduced By Analogies
We have a huge economic calendar, including all of the major reports. Of special interest is employment, with the official BLS data on Friday and the ADP private payrolls on Wednesday. There is also an election and a raft of earnings reports.
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Should Happen? What Will Happen?
It is a huge week for corporate earnings, with 183 S&P 500 companies on the schedule. While this is the most important hard news for investors, political events, COVID-19 updates, and vaccine news will compete for attention.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Strong Earnings Confirm An Economic Rebound?
For those focused on financial markets, earnings season might provide answers to important questions. We will all be asking: Will earnings signal a strong economic rebound?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Should Investors Change Course Because Of The POTUS Diagnosis?
Investment decisions can have long-lasting significance and decisions are in our own hands. It is important to ask: Should investors change course because of the President’s illness?
Weighing The Week Ahead: What Did We Know — And When Did We Know It?
The final employment report before the election and most other important economic data is due this week. This provides an opportunity to assess what we can reasonably conclude about the state of the economy and investment prospects.
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