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Lower UK Inflation Unlikely To Faze Bank Of England
Higher petrol prices lifted UK inflation in January, but this is unlikely to last.
Lower Swedish Inflation Creates Headache For Riksbank
January’s shock inflation figures come at an awkward time for policymakers, who only a few weeks ago opted to raise interest rates.
Sanction Risks Return
The weakness seen in the oil market much of yesterday lifted as the day progressed, with ICE Brent managing to settle marginally higher on the day.
The Netherlands: GDP Growth Remains Solid
The Dutch economy continued to perform well in the final quarter of last year, with 0.4% GDP growth (quarter-on-quarter) for the fourth time in a row, amid weak growth in the eurozone.
Turkey: Industrial Production Accelerates In December
Turkish industrial production continues to recover expanding by 1.9%, MoM, in December, showing that economic activity continues to improve with momentum.
OPEC Revises Demand Lower
Optimism in the market continued yesterday, with ICE Brent settling 3.3% higher on the day. This was part of a broader move higher, as markets took comfort in the slowing growth of new COVID-19 cases.
France: Unemployment At A 10-Year Low
The unemployment rate fell under 8% in the fourth quarter and reached the lowest level of the decade last year. This trend should continue for the next few months before giving way to a more difficult second half.
Coronavirus: Markets And The Fear Factor
The economic impact of an epidemic like the coronavirus typically transmits through a four-letter f word, called fear which can have a substantial negative impact on the economy.
Russia: Budget Spending Plays Catch Up
Russian state spending significantly accelerated in January, fulfilling the unusually high proportion of annual spending plan for that month.
New Zealand: Central Bank Paves Way For Currency Rebound In Medium-Term
A surprising hawkish tilt by the central bank doesn’t just give a short-term respite to the battered New Zealand dollar but also paves the way for a sustained recovery once virus-related fears dissipate.
Eurozone: Industrial Production Plummeted In December
As expected, the industrial decline continued at the end of the year although this decline was much worse than expected.
Swiss Quarterly: Diplomatic Tensions To Weigh On Recovery
After a weak 2019, the Swiss economy seems to be entering a slight recovery phase, which could be threatened by a series of diplomatic risks.
Demand Revisions
Oil prices managed to settle higher yesterday, with ICE Brent closing almost 1.4% higher over the day. In early morning trading today, the market has continued to strengthen.
Russia: RUB May Get A Boost From De-Facto Easing In The Fiscal Rule
The handover of a 50% equity stake in Sberbank from the central bank to the government is apparently designed in a way that results in lower FX purchases on the market and higher budget spending, which is a de-facto easing in the budget rule.
Mexico: Muted Policy Reaction To Recession
The growing slack in economic activity and the stellar MXN performance should tip the balance in favor of another rate cut by Banxico this week.
Sweden’s Riksbank Meeting Unlikely To Lift Krona
The Riksbank took the historic step of lifting the repo rate out of negative territory back in December. But the central bank’s new forecasts and cautious commentary imply that this was a ‘one and done’ move.
1 to 16 of 963 Posts
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