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The Dollar’s Long Goodbye
Recent months have seen the US dollar on a powerful bull run.
Why Oil Prices Will Stay High And Add To Stagflation Risk
A discussion about why oil prices will remain high over the coming year and the impact this could have on growth, inflation, and interest rates in the eurozone.
Constructive On Credit
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, strain in the US regional banking system and the decision by Swiss authorities to wipe out some Credit Suisse debtholders proved a volatile cocktail for risky assets in the first quarter.
Bank Of England Raises Rates As Recession Looms
A look at what the Bank of England announced on Thursday, what it means for the British economy and what the central bank could do next.
Rate Rises And Recession Risk In Europe
The European Central Bank raised interest rates by 50bp. But political instability in Italy, an ongoing war in Ukraine, and a looming recession suggest there is little room to go much further.
Can The Fed Avoid A Crash Landing?
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the battle to contain inflation without triggering a recession will be “very challenging”. 
Listen: What The Russia-Ukraine Crisis Means For Global FX
Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine sent tremors through global markets this week, with investors bailing out of risky assets and rushing into perceived safe havens.
Putting A Price On Carbon
Carbon markets have been hailed by policymakers as a solution to climate change. But how do they work? Will they be effective in bringing emissions down to levels set out in the Paris Agreement? Or are they simply an exercise in greenwashing?
What Europe’s Inflation Angst Means For Bonds
Inflation expectations have been rising in Europe and in a speech this week, European Central Bank member Isabel Schnabel said the mood in financial markets is changing.
Listen: Why The Fed May Be Wrong About Inflation
US inflation is rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade. In this podcast, ING's James Knightley discusses whether recent price rises are likely to be transitory as the Federal Reserve believes, or a more sustained risk to the recovery
Listen: Gauging The Taper Tantrum Fallout
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sent a message to jittery bond markets this week: calm down. But are traders and investors listening?
Riskier Road Ahead For High Yield Bonds
High yield bonds stumbled in September, with the European market registering its first monthly negative return since March.
Listen: How The US Economy Could Shape The Presidential Election
In this podcast, ING's James Knightley discusses how economic developments could affect the outcome of the vote and what the result could mean for policy, and for markets.
1 to 13 of 13 Posts