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From Trump to trade, from Draghi to the dollar, ING’s global economists and strategists tell you what’s happening – and is likely to happen – in the world of global markets. Years of experience lead to informed, authentic and accurate opinions on multiple topics and you ... more


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Why FX Markets Are Feeling The Squeeze
There are three main factors impacting global FX markets. The longer they remain in place, the longer the US dollar will stay high.
The US 10yr Is Eyeing 3%. So Now What?
Back in February, the US 10yr broke above 2%, and we posed the question – now what?
Prepare For Loads More US Interest Rate Rises
A look at why U.S. interest rates are surely going to keep on rising throughout this year.
No Crazy Asian Rates Here
A look at why inflation and high-interest rates largely seem to be passing the region by while the rest of the world is struggling.
The Lessons Learned As We Predict America’s Economic Future
Our Chief International Economist in New York, James Knightley, on what we got right and what we got wrong in our US forecasts for 2021. And he looks ahead to what you can expect - hopefully - this year.
Eurozone: Inflation Worries Increase
Inflation continues to surprise on the upside, likely pushing the European Central Bank to take away some of the monetary stimulus next year.
Watch: The Big Switch Driving Energy Prices
As energy prices hit record highs we look at the latest factors driving the market movements in gas and oil.
The European Autumn Could Be A Game-Changer For The World
We doubt the drivers behind the narrowing of USD-EUR rates differential will persist: supply will swing the other way ahead, and overly hawkish ECB comments sow the seeds of a mini-tantrum.
Don’t Be Fooled By The Interest Rate Conundrum
Interest rates have fallen dramatically in the US and the eurozone, notably since March.
Is Covid-19 About To Stop The UK’s Economic Party?
The UK economy has had a good run over the last couple of weeks. And even though, the final stage of the reopening has been delayed, that in itself won’t make a huge economic dent.
Concerns About The US Bond Market Discount
The US economy is running pretty hot, but the bond market seems to be saying 'hold your horses’. We’re not sure about 2023, 2024, and beyond.
Shh.. Don’t Mention Eurozone Interest Rates
Market forces are set to regain a foothold in the rates world, despite what the European Central Bank does or doesn't say at its next meeting on Thursday.
Why The Global Chip Shortage Is Set To Get Even Worse
The global semiconductor chip shortage could get even worse. Demand continues to rise and Taiwan, the world's biggest chip manufacturer by far, is now facing three fresh challenges which will impact everything from cars to phones to fridges.
2021 In 2 Minutes, 21 Seconds
From London to Singapore, New York to Amsterdam, economists look ahead to what we can expect next year.
US Jobs – Don’t Believe All The Hype
After hitting rock bottom in April, the economy has really rebounded in the United States and over the last two months, the US has created over 7.5 million jobs.
Covid-19, Deglobalisation And The Costs Companies Must Consider
Some might consider Covid-19 could be the catalyst for major deglobalisation. But ING's Raoul Leering says it's not as simple as that.
1 to 16 of 28 Posts
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