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Hungarian Inflation Accelerates In Almost Every Category
Headline inflation surprised on the upside in July, but a strong acceleration was on the cards anyway.
Asia’s Lamentable Green Covid-19 Response
The Covid-19 crisis has offered governments around the world an opportunity for a total rethink on how their economies will operate in the decades to come. Few governments in the Asia-Pacific region appear to have grasped this chance.
Bulgaria: As Good As An ‘L’ Shape
Bulgarian economic activity remains subdued, with the recovery still not clearly in sight.
FX Daily: Executive Over-Ride
US data this week could extend the economic recovery narrative, however, this comes at a time when US virus cases have surpassed five million and the Fed continues to call for more economic support.
G10 FX Week Ahead: China, Reflation And The Dollar’s Slippery Slope
EUR/USD looks as though it has entered a brief period of consolidation. Given the huge cross-correlation in reflationary assets these days (including a possible bubble in silver), the risk is growing of a short, sharp correction.
Key Events In Developed Markets Next Week - Saturday, August 8
Industry, confidence, labor market and retail sales data in developed markets next week suggest a slow recovery ahead for both the US and the Eurozone.
Key Events In EMEA And Latam Next Week - Saturday, August 8
The moment of truth arrives next week as 2Q GDP data across EMEA is released next week.
French Industrial Production Is Catching Up
The latest French industrial production numbers give us an idea, not only of the historic 2Q20 contraction but also of the post-lockdown industrial recovery.
Taiwan Exports Improve, Thanks To Electronics
Taiwan's exports have improved on a yearly basis, but that is all really down to electronics.
Malaysia’s June Manufacturing Beats Forecast
Industrial production growth is still in negative territory but was far better than anyone was expecting.
Russia: CPI Accelerates In July, Mostly On Base Effect
CPI picked up by 0.2 percentage points in July and is likely to keep crawling up, mainly on the base effect, which is largely neutral for the central bank's moderately dovish stance.
The Czech Central Bank Keeps Rates On Hold
The Czech National Bank (CNB) keeps rates unchanged, as broadly expected. The vote was unanimous. New forecasts see rate stability until mid-2021 and then a modest increase.
Asia Week Ahead: Lots Of Chinese And Indian Data
Data out from China next week should show the third-quarter is off on a firmer start, but unlike China, the economic slump in India seems to be far from over and the data will only confirm that.
Italian Industrial Production Improves Yet Again
Italian confidence data points to a continuation of the recovery over the summer, which should be good news for 3Q GDP, but don’t expect the gap with pre-COVID-19 levels to be filled anytime soon.
Eurozone: Better, But The Fear Factor Remains
After the historic GDP contraction in 2Q, Eurozone economic figures have improved, though the flare-up of Covid-19 infections has placed a burden on the recovery.
Oil Breaks Out
Oil finally broke out of the narrow range it has been trading in for over a month now, with ICE Brent trading as high as US$46.23/bbl at one stage yesterday, although the market was unable to hold onto all of these gains going into the close.
1 to 16 of 1592 Posts
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