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China’s Central Bank Pumps More Liquidity Into Market
The People's Bank of China has already cut its Required Reserve Ratio and has continued to pump liquidity into the money market over the past few days.
Has The Eurozone Economy Started A Quiet Revival?
The small drop in the economic sentiment indicator for the Eurozone is at odds with the PMI and suggests relatively weak economic activity in March.
Never Waste A Good Crisis – A Profit-price Spiral In Germany
With the largest strikes in Germany in more than three decades this week, fears of a wage-price spiral have gained momentum once again. However, last year’s data show clear signs of a profit-price spiral already spreading in the economy.
FX Daily: Unorthodox Correlations
With the yen bearing the brunt of the risk rally, the dollar saw some delayed benefits from the re-tuning in Fed rate expectations and enjoyed a modest recovery yesterday.
Australia: Softer Inflation Hints At Pause In Rates
At 6.7% YoY, Australian inflation for February was much lower than most forecasters had expected.
Why Spain’s Housing Market Is Set To Cool This Year
A downturn is expected in the Spanish property market due to the rise in interest rates and tighter credit conditions, which could cause property prices to stagnate this year.
Rates Spark: Rates Price Out Systemic Risk, But Unevenly
As optimism grows that the worst of the banking crisis is now behind us, we look at the uneven pricing of systemic risk across rates markets. Euro swap spreads appear ripe for a retracement through the levels prevailing in early March.
FX Daily: Hawkish Pushback
We expect the Czech National Bank to follow other European central banks with a hawkish tone today, which may favor a repricing of rate cut expectations and a higher CZK.
Market Turmoil Leaves Credit In Limbo
Recent market turbulence might get you asking 'just what sort of crisis is this?'. We think it's one that will be reflected in both short and long-term spreads.
US Sentiment Holds Firm Despite Banking Stresses
US consumer confidence improved in March despite concerns about bank failures and what it might mean for deposits.
Hungary’s Central Bank Ain’t Got No Room For Change
The National Bank of Hungary strummed exactly the strings we expected at its March meeting. The tone was hawkish, and the message that the central bank still needs more evidence before considering any changes was clear.
Safe Haven Buying Boosts Gold Prices
Concerns over the banking sector have led to a move towards safe haven assets and gold has clearly benefited from this. While we see a short-term pullback in prices, we expect these to strengthen over 2H23
Italian Business And Consumer Confidence Improves In March
The improvement in confidence points to a positive GDP reading in the first quarter, but is no guarantee of a strong acceleration thereafter, when the impact of cumulated rate hikes will bite.
Eurozone Bank Lending Dampened By ECB’s Monetary Tightening
Bank lending to corporates fell again in February, while growth in household borrowing is still on a downward trend.
The Commodities Feed: Further Spec Liquidation
Given the moves seen in the oil market in recent weeks, it was no surprise that speculators aggressively cut their net long in the oil market. Meanwhile, EU energy ministers meet this week to discuss an extension in voluntary gas demand cuts.
Asia Week Ahead: Inflation Data From Australia And Japan
Next week’s data calendar features inflation numbers from Australia and Japan plus activity data from Korea and China.
1 to 16 of 4100 Posts
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