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Gene Inger pioneered U.S. financial television and daily technical analysis. His broadcast stations later affiliated with FNN, merging into CNBC where he was an original Market Maven. His views have been quoted in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and now on his own more

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E Market Briefing For Tuesday, February 25
Wall St. 'propaganda' suggesting for weeks the epidemic wasn't any more than a blip has proven wrong. Keep in mind that China contributed half of the world's growth recently, and that means the US is not entirely an island devoid of economic concern.
E Market Briefing For Monday, February 24
Phenomenal cash flows into stocks contribute to what has become not just an affirmation of our 'don't fight the Fed' and 'don't fight the tape' call for the market to generally maintain traction during this year's early phase of course.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, February 20
Persistent 'top-heavy' dominance - of the S&P continues churning-out higher highs, irrespective of growth downgrades anticipated, while some other stocks, with actual growth potential, languish relatively.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, February 19
The "edge of chaos" - is not what this market is about, at least for now. It is also not correct to simply look-through the epidemic to rising demand in the wake of the crisis.
E Market Briefing For Tuesday, February 18
Wartime conditions increasingly prevail in Asia and even in parts of Europe, as London now quarantines some flights arriving at Heathrow. In China it's worse, with food rationing and an increasing number of hi-rise buildings being forcibly blockaded.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, February 13
The coronavirus is the only issue of paramount importance for the moment. If the stock market is really rallying because of capital inflows from abroad and flight to safety buying (and it has), that's a temporary phenomenon but is not sustainable.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, February 12
Market impact - from the coronavirus has been to thrust the S&P forward not backward, due to the fund flows from abroad, not just Fed liquidity or other funding (like buybacks, which are up for this stage of the year).
E Market Briefing For Monday, February 10
Pensive concerns limit enthusiasm - even as the political backdrop at least seems to have calmed a bit (with regard to Trump and a backlash against extreme leftist opposition prospects); while the virus remains very much a concern for the near-term.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, Feb. 6
Bipolar behavior - combines economic uncertainty over the nearer-term, with an acceleration of the epidemic into the pandemic status experts, have suggested forthcoming for days. What does the stock market do? Takes the S&P and Nasdaq to new highs.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Feb. 5
Mitigating risk - became instantly out-of-favor as China plus the Fed (it's unknown if any of that was coordinated) dramatically increased liquidity to the markets.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Feb 3
Once the epidemic (hopefully not pandemic) is resolved, there will be a lot of work to be done on rebuilding trust and of course, restoring travel and so on.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, Jan. 30
Chairman Powell tried not to be backed into a corner about 'reserve levels', liquidity injections, or their plan to start bringing things into balance later in the year (perhaps from April forward, though that may be optimistic).
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Jan. 29
There's lots of effort to extend the expected rebounding market, but there are serious uncertainties looming too. It does not mean investors are focusing on earnings, as that's a little ridiculous, since what matters is guidance at this point.
E Market Briefing For Sunday, Jan. 27
I don't wish to be alarmist about the coronavirus outbreak, just realistic and circumspect about it as to the extent to which it impacts markets. Here's what you need to know about the virus and other market movers...
E Market Briefing For Monday, Jan. 21
Davos will dominate financial media in the week ahead, with perhaps a few interesting observations about the risks of monetary expansion and the struggles of the banking system
E Market Briefing For Jan. 13, 2020
There's no catalyst to warrant committing new funds as yet; although I expected 'recent' extensions, and leaned very clearly towards a China Deal coming; with initially higher S&P records.
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