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The Impact Of The Coronavirus On International Trade
Finance is supposed to serve the economy by allocating capital to its most productive uses. It has morphed into a snake ruthlessly devouring its own tail.
Disruptive Forces For Deglobalization
Many parallels between today’s economy and the gilded age of the U.S., the time between 1870 and 1900 when many new inventions and technologies changed the nature of employment.
Is The Glamour And Growth Trade Finally Turning?
Much of the U.S. large-cap growth outperformance is the result of investors looking to find the “next Amazon, Facebook or Google”.
The Impact Of Stories On Economics
The CAPE ratio only forecasts about a quarter of the variance of long-term stock market returns. But from today’s CAPE ratio, which is near 30, there can be returns of 4.5% a year for the next decade.
Emerging Markets And Political Dynamics
Emerging market central banks have cut interest rates aggressively with a lack of inflation pressures.
An Economic Update From Chicago Fed President Charles Evans
GDP growth may lead to more of a tightening stance for monetary policy than an accommodative stance of cutting interest rates.
An Interview With The Fed’s James Bullard
The relationship between unemployment and wage pressures has broken down in recent years due to many forces, the most important being the stability of inflationary expectations.
The Macroeconomic Guessing Game
If central banks decide they cannot go any more negative with interest rates, we are likely to see a sharp move higher in rates.
Driving Success In A Low-Return World
The U.S. equity markets are in a transitional period. How to navigate a low-return world?
Mester: Fed Returning To Normal Policy Framework
Loretta Mester, president and CEO of the Federal Bank of Cleveland, was a 2018 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voting member of the board that sets interest rates, but she will not be in 2019.
Trade Truce Or No Truce?
The trade dispute with China and the Fed continual hiking of interest rates are the two most important drivers of the market’s recent volatility.
Why Equity Markets Still Have More Room To Run
How can you value equities and the various inputs involved?
The Case For Fixed Indexed Annuities Over Bonds
Retirees’ large allocations to bonds may be among the more challenging allocations going into the future, with interest rates still near historical lows.
A Macro Discussion On Floaters, Gold And The Dollar
Spotlighting the geopolitical situation and developments in Asia, fixed income, floaters, the dollar and gold with two interesting guests: Peter Tchir, macro strategist at Academy Securities, and Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital.
What Sets ETFs Apart?
A discussion on many of the media’s misconceptions about ETFs, how ETFs compete with active managers, the age-old question on how much passive investing the market can absorb.
The Current Macro Environment And Fed Policy
The current trajectory from the latest Fed cycle is for three Fed rate hikes, based on the last Fed statement of economic projections—and since that latest forecast, the economy has only shown more signs of strength.
1 to 16 of 42 Posts
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