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Where’s The “Hot Hand”?
Research into the existence of the hot hand has been done in virtually every field, from sports to investing, for decades. In investing, the hot hand is referred to as momentum, or trend-following. It has long been ubiquitous across asset classes.
How To Combat Market Uncertainty While Maintaining Your Equity Exposure
2019 was one of the best years for investment returns. Unfortunately, going forward, investors are likely to see a lower return environment, on average, for both equities and fixed income.
The Fundamental Problem For Indexes
If investors believe they can’t consistently profit from the inefficient pricing of securities, they should aim to earn the market average return at the lowest possible cost. But asset bubbles or individual valuations can challenge that efficiency.
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
What can we expect for 2019 year-end? The Fed has many tools at its disposal to help combat any potential issues.
Beyond Abenomics: Japan Poised To Outperform In 2020
PM Abe’s economic policy leadership credentials got a huge boost last week, with his cabinet approving a massive extra fiscal spending package.
Fed Watch: No Lump Of Coal This Year
After three consecutive rate cuts, the Federal Reserve (Fed) decided to stay on the sidelines at their final gathering for 2019. While this result was widely expected, it also represented a stark turnaround from the December 2018 FOMC meeting.
What Is Tax Loss Harvesting?
Did you know that you can use an investment loss to help you improve your tax situation? It’s true. Through a strategy called tax-loss harvesting, you may be able to use your loss to your advantage.
What’s Love Got To Do With This Stock Market? Ask Tina
During the first half of the year, it seemed everyone was grabbing so-called “low-volatility” stocks. Why?
As The World Turns
What a difference a month makes in bond-land. Just when investors thought U.S. Treasury (UST) yields were on the verge of moving even lower—BAM!—a rather visible sell-off ensued.
Time To Seize The European Small-Cap Equity Opportunity
Macroeconomic data in Europe has been weak since the start of 2018. Global macro headwinds linked to the U.S.—trade wars with China , coupled with domestic structural issues such as tightening of emission regulations—are to blame.
ROS – Recession Obsession Syndrome
While I fully acknowledge a slower growth backdrop and headwinds still exist, my base case is still no outright recession, where Treasury (UST) rates and U.S. corporate spreads remain range-bound for now.
The U.S. Stock Market’s Moment(um) Of Truth
The stock market is having a moment of truth.
The Price Is Right
Throughout most of 2019, inflation has had no reason to grab the headlines, but let’s be thought-provoking for a minute—should investors be concerned about whether the price is right?
Clear And Present Danger? Not So Fast
Before the release of last week’s jobs report, investors were inundated with headlines seemingly suggesting that it wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when” the U.S. economy would enter into a recession.
Share Buybacks: The Other Dividend
S&P 500 Index companies purchased $806 billion worth of shares last year. For context, the total value of the S&P is $26 trillion.
How To Replace FAANGs With Cloud
Cloud-based businesses represent an attractive alternative to mega-cap companies in the Technology sector.
1 to 16 of 430 Posts
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