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Fed Watch: Gonna Take Two Weeks, Gonna Have A Fine Vacation
With all that has happened thus far in 2020, it’s easy to forget that, technically, the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) current easing cycle actually began exactly a year ago!
Preparing For Post-Abe Japan
Discussions with global investors suggest that they’re even worried about a possible snap election coming before the end of this year because Abe’s popular support rate has dropped below 40% in recent months.
Silver Linings
It sure would be nice if we could get to a traditional summer lull in the money and bond markets.
U.S. Treasuries Watch: Thinking Globally
While we don’t envision the UST 10-Year yield seeing the 2018/2019 levels anytime in the foreseeable future, when thinking globally, its tailwind doesn’t seem quite as strong.
A Purpose-Filled Portfolio
This article is relevant to financial professionals who are considering offering model portfolios to their clients.
Leaving A TIP
TIPS do not necessarily offer investors the most beneficial strategy for potentially higher rates.
The Next Test For U.S. Dividends
Financials have been the second-worst performing sector in the S&P 500 this year. Most banks recorded billions in loan loss provisions during the first quarter, with further losses expected in the second quarter.
S&P 500 Dividend Expectations Are Rising
Companies that bought back stock, then turned around and accepted government bailouts, were not treated kindly.
Small-Cap Valuations: Historic Opportunity Or Overvalued?
Small-cap valuations have a unique tendency to provoke debate. During highly uncertain and declining earnings backdrops, the divisiveness over this topic ramps up.
Positively Not Negative
If you look closely, the three-month t-bill auction rate did touch zero at the March 23 auction, but rose to 0.15% at this week’s auction, a touch above the current Fed Funds target mid-point.
The Topsy-Turvy S&P 500 Earnings Picture
The once hoped-for “V-shaped” recovery has given way to anticipation of a long slog. The only depression remotely comparable to this is the Global Financial Crisis, which witnessed S&P 500 earnings fall 49%.
Don’t Count Your Dividend Chickens
Investors can normally rely on the stability of dividends. A company cutting its dividend is typically a significant negative signal in U.S. markets, making cuts rare among the largest dividend payers.
Fixed Income ETFs: Their Time Has Come
Being an “old bond guy,” I’ve seen a tremendous transformation in how investors go about filling their fixed income portfolios.
How Bad Was It?
All eyes were on Friday’s jobs report to see just how bad it really was. And yes, indeed, it was bad…the worst report in our professional careers!
Dividend Safety And Valuations
Investors should expect further dividend cuts to come over the coming weeks and quarters. The greatest cuts are likely to come from the companies with the highest yields, with fewer cuts from dividend growers.
Why International Investments Still Matter
The U.S. has outperformed the rest of the world. Over the past 10 years ending April 30, the MSCI USA Index has outperformed the MSCI EAFE Index by more than 140%.
1 to 16 of 466 Posts
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