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Euro Parity And Risk Management
For the first time since 2002, the euro has traded below parity with the U.S. dollar. While it has rebounded along with other risk assets back above a few times, Ukraine war concerns pushed the euro down to its lowest levels in 20 years.
We Need Energy Storage...And Companies Are Responding
Even in an environment with significant inflation and a monetary policy that may continue raising rates for some time, significant capital expenditure continues within the battery space.
Q3 2022 Economic And Market Outlook In 10 Charts Or Less
The debate right now is if we are already in a recession, may soon be in one or will eventually be in one, and whether it will be “shallow” or “deep.” The consensus estimate remains that we will see an overall low positive 0.5%–1% GDP print for 2022.
Fed Watch: Back-To-Back In The History Books
The bottom-line message is that bond market volatility has increased dramatically, with the UST 10-Year yield exhibiting “whipsaw” characteristics.
Japan’s Yen Weakness Has Changed The Competitive Landscape
We are living through another chapter in the decade-old currency wars—and Japan is winning.
Dividends For Defensive Value
After the bursting of the tech bubble in 2000, value outperformed for 7 years. Then growth took the lead for 11 out 15 years. Currently, value is on pace for its best performance relative to growth since before the Financial Crisis.
There's Income Back In Fixed Income
For investors seeking income, the increase in bond yields in 2022 has provided investors with a bit more of a “traditional feel” for fixed income portfolios than what has been available within the last decade or so.
Looking For Recession Clues In All The Wrong Places?
How quickly the narrative has shifted back and forth in the money and bond markets.
How The Low Unemployment Rate Has Impacted The Stock Market
It’s good when the unemployment rate is low, right? Of course, it is. The problem is that super-low unemployment often comes at the end of the good times, not the beginning.
Forgotten Mid- And Small-Cap Dividends
Many investors think of investing down the size spectrum of mid- and small caps for premium earnings growth potential. Academic research into long-run historical returns suggests investors are better off bargain hunting.
Fed Watch: I’ll See Your 50 And Raise You 75
In what was expected to be a relatively uneventful Fed meeting a few short days ago, the June FOMC gathering turned into a headline-making event instead.
Mid-Cap And Small-Cap Dividends Shine Amid Volatility
This post continues a discussion on small-cap valuations, let’s examine how focusing on dividend payers amid a volatile market backdrop has provided excess returns, with even lower valuations.
Slow ... Curves Ahead
The yield curve may need to reveal a much more noteworthy inversion before signaling a recession could be on the way.
Is A Recession Being Priced In For U.S. Small Caps?
High-yield credit spreads—commonly viewed as a leading indicator of economic slowdowns—have spiked higher by 112 basis points since the start of the year.
Digital Asset Market Note: A “De-Pegging” Soros Would Be Proud Of
This week has seen a series of rapid contractions across the digital asset ecosystem. In a space that is well-known for volatility, even this week has stood out. Investors must understand the investment context in which these events have transpired.
Fed Watch: Nifty-Fifty
The Fed delivered not only their widely anticipated 50 basis point (bp) rate hike but also announced their plans for quantitative tightening (QT) at the May FOMC meeting.
1 to 16 of 604 Posts
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