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Aligning The Stars In Fixed Income
With the challenges impacting the current fixed income setting, investors have faced some difficult choices. In my opinion, SHAG and WFHY could help investors navigate the uncharted policy waters that may lie ahead.  
The Accidental India Underweight
Is it fair to say a key influence on the state of the global economy in the next 20 or 30 years will be the pace of India’s development? I think it’s reasonable enough.
Bitcoin And Crypto: Fraud Or The Future?
Few issues divide well-respected investors as much as cryptocurrency. The core Bitcoin use case is wealth mobility. More specifically, Bitcoin seems to be the perfect instrument for cross-border transfers of large sums of wealth.
Why Quality Strategies Are Drifting To Value Valuations
An interesting dynamic is developing in the factor world. First, momentum strategies have gained a lot of media attention. They had garnered a reputation for being growth strategies since growth was working for so long.
Reaching A "TIP"ping Point
Is it too early to be considering Federal Reserve “exit strategy” protection for your fixed-income portfolio?
Is Hurried Decarbonization Causing An Oil Crisis?
I worry that the war on climate change may cause a pinch in the oil markets.
HH Taking The Pulse Of Small-Cap Valuations
Small caps tend to operate in cyclical economic sectors versus larger market benchmarks such as the S&P 500 Index. Cyclicals have already started to enjoy the benefits of the reopening trade this year.
Have We Entered “The Great Inflation 2.0”?
“The Great Inflation” is a momentous period in U.S. economic history that lasted for 17 years between 1965 and 1982.
Breathe, Breathe In The Air
Total nonfarm payrolls (NFPs) rose by +559,000 in May, once again falling visibly below the consensus forecast of +675,000. If there is a silver lining, at least this time around, it’s that it wasn’t the “worst miss” on record.
Are Oil Prices Headed Toward $100 A Barrel?
A discussion on oil and the focus was on Erik’s bullish view on the commodity stemming from structural supply issues in the U.S. amid an improving demand outlook.
Complementing An Efficient Core Strategy With Managed Futures
The benefits of additional diversification through alternative strategies are well understood. The addition of these types of funds has been difficult to justify due to low absolute returns, and the lack of a need for an additional hedge.
Bitcoin: Why The Cryptocurrency Crashed
Let’s look at what happened recently that may have precipitated the “crypto crash”:
Wait A Minute(s)
Tthere are probably more Fed officials than previously known who feel it is not too early to begin a discussion about tapering.
Bitcoin And The Planet – Has Anything Changed?
Given what we know today about the state of bitcoin and where we believe it is heading, we do not think investors are necessarily abandoning ESG principles by owning bitcoin.
A Surprisingly Low-Vol Asset Class
Relative valuation discounts typically reflect higher volatility, slower earnings growth, and/or less predictable earnings.
“Consumed” By Inflation
The “word of the week” in the U.S. financial markets last week was no doubt “inflation.”
1 to 16 of 588 Posts
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