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Have You Rate Hedged Yet?
Based on the fundamental and technical outlook, it appears as if a further rise in the UST 10-Year yield is still a distinct possibility. A retracement back to the pre-pandemic trading range of 1.75%–2.00% could be on the horizon. 
Searching For Yield, Not Reaching For Yield
Interest rates around the globe are either outright negative or remain at historically low levels. “Where can I find income in such an environment?” For fixed income investing: be sure to search for yield rather than reaching for yield.
Where Can Bitcoin Go From Here?
Btcoin has a $100 trillion addressable market just as a store of value for everyone in the world. Half of the world’s population desires an asset that cannot be easily confiscated or depreciated by printing more currency.
Don’t Get Distracted By China Tech Gossip
China is leading global equity markets higher this year. This is particularly true for tech stocks: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of Internet-oriented businesses in China, and we see major growth ahead for China’s tech stars.
“Inflate-Gate”? Don’t Tell That To The Bond Market
The U.S. Treasury (UST) 10-Year yield continues to reside at the upper end of the trading range that has been established thus far in the new year, i.e., around the 1.15%–1.20% threshold.
Fed Watch: Taking A Back Seat, Kinda, Sorta…
It is fiscal policy that has taken, and will more likely keep center stage.


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