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January 2019 Beige Book: Reading Between The Lines - Rate Of Economic Expansion About The Same
1 month ago

it depends how long the shutdown lasts - we are now in uncharted territory. Up to now, the effect is minimal

October 2018 Conference Board Consumer Confidence Modestly Improves
3 months ago

spending growth is relatively strong:

Note that in the advance 3Q2018 GDP - personal consumption expenditures was higher than 2Q.

it is income growth that is weakening.

February 2018 Headline JOLTS Job Openings Unchanged
10 months ago

Yah, indicators are moving in several directions - this may turn out to be a soft year after all.

August 2017 Headline Business Sales Improved
1 year ago

correct and the rolling averages slowed

Joe Sixpack's Situation In 2Q2017: The Average Joe Is Better Off
1 year ago

Absolutely - the lower end is just surviving from hand-to-mouth and this group is growing

April 2017 ADP Job Growth Is 177,000 - Near Expectations
1 year ago

your comment in this context is spot on.

April 2017 ADP Job Growth Is 177,000 - Near Expectations
1 year ago

this is a complex issue - i have a post which will be published on Saturday that details my position. most economists believe we are near full employment due to a demographic shift of the population [i do not but the demographic shift needs to be considered when using participation rates].

November 2016 Consumer Credit Headlines Say Year-Over-Year Growth Rate Accelerated
2 years ago

Agreed - to me it indicates that consumer spending growth is limited because of credit (especially with interest rates modest increase)

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