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January 2019 Beige Book: Reading Between The Lines - Rate Of Economic Expansion About The Same
1 year ago

it depends how long the shutdown lasts - we are now in uncharted territory. Up to now, the effect is minimal

October 2018 Conference Board Consumer Confidence Modestly Improves
1 year ago

spending growth is relatively strong:

Note that in the advance 3Q2018 GDP - personal consumption expenditures was higher than 2Q.

it is income growth that is weakening.

February 2018 Headline JOLTS Job Openings Unchanged
1 year ago

Yah, indicators are moving in several directions - this may turn out to be a soft year after all.

August 2017 Headline Business Sales Improved
2 years ago

correct and the rolling averages slowed

Joe Sixpack's Situation In 2Q2017: The Average Joe Is Better Off
2 years ago

Absolutely - the lower end is just surviving from hand-to-mouth and this group is growing

April 2017 ADP Job Growth Is 177,000 - Near Expectations
2 years ago

your comment in this context is spot on.

April 2017 ADP Job Growth Is 177,000 - Near Expectations
2 years ago

this is a complex issue - i have a post which will be published on Saturday that details my position. most economists believe we are near full employment due to a demographic shift of the population [i do not but the demographic shift needs to be considered when using participation rates].

November 2016 Consumer Credit Headlines Say Year-Over-Year Growth Rate Accelerated
3 years ago

Agreed - to me it indicates that consumer spending growth is limited because of credit (especially with interest rates modest increase)

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