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Sr. Market Analyst at The PRICE Futures Group

Phil Flynn is writer of The Energy Report, a daily market commentary discussing oil, the Middle East, American government, economics, and their effects on the world's energies markets, as well as other commodity markets. 

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Energy Report: Making Iran Great Again
5 months ago

You may be right, he might be crazy but it just may be a lunatic we're looking for.

Energy Report: Making Iran Great Again
5 months ago

One could hope / but he said he would retenter the nuclear deal

Trumped Up Tariffs
3 years ago

Thanks, but it could be Natasha Fatale.

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Bubble Talk
3 years ago

it was caused by the fed cutting rates in oct 207 and the ECB raing rates. It was a run on the bank

Oil, Tensions And Demand On The Rise
3 years ago

Yes Shale has issues Read my recent report

Slowdown In Shale
3 years ago


Is The Sun Set To Rise On ASTI?
3 years ago

I think there are some opportunities

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Dollar Drivel
4 years ago


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