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Sr. Market Analyst at The PRICE Futures Group
Phil Flynn is writer of The Energy Report, a daily market commentary discussing oil, the Middle East, American government, economics, and their effects on the world's energies markets, as well as other commodity markets.

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The Energy Report: Not Over
After the close we saw the American Petroleum Institute (API) report that petroleum supplies came in tighter than the market was expecting.
The Energy Report: Fear Strike Out
Oil popped and dropped after it was reported that Israel responded to Iran’s attack on their country.
The Energy Report: You Can’t Hurry Cuts
Jerome Powell hints: You can’t hurry cuts. No, you’ll just have to wait. Inflations not easing, But It’s a game of give and take. You can’t hurry cuts, no, you just got to wait, just trust in the Fed’s time, it’s a game of interest rates.
The Energy Report: Biden Panic Buying
What does it say that the Biden administration is starting to buy oil back for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) above their stated $70.00 to $67.00 a barrel buying price, purchasing oil at $81.32 a barrel?
The Energy Report: API Surprise
The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported a massive 9.337-million-barrel increase in crude supply along with a much larger-than-expected 2.392-million-barrel increase in crude oil supply.
The Energy Report: Dereliction Of Duty
Some might say that The International Energy Agency (IEA) has been derelict in its duty to secure energy security for Europe because they have been taken over by a green energy agenda.
The Energy Report: Cracked Up
There are lingering concerns about the tightness of supply in the Midwest in the aftermath of the Whiting BP refinery outage as well as another refinery outage.
The Energy Report: OPEC’s Long Game
While the United States has embarked on self-defeating and short-sighted energy policies, it appears that the OPEC long game led by Saudi Arabia is starting to pay off.
The Energy Report: Commitment
One of the biggest challenges in the global oil market in recent years has been the commitment between OPEC and Russia to try to work together to support global oil prices.
The Energy Report: Winter Warming Warnings
There is air conditioning demand in February. It is happening in places like Texas and it gave a boost to natural gas but slowed the demand for heating oil because of unbelievably warm weather.
The Energy Report: Back Peddling And Mis-Selling
OPEC says that other agencies are backpedaling on predicting future oil demand.
The Energy Report: Whitewash
The impact of the BP Whiting Indiana refinery outage was already felt in yesterday’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) weekly status update and it will be felt at gas and diesel pumps around the nation, especially in the Midwest.
The Energy Report: Boulevard Of Broken Green Dreams
They walk a lonely road, the only one they may ever know, don’t know where it goes, on this empty street of broken green energy dreams.
The Energy Report: Something In The Air
Oil prices are falling after a reversal in the odds for rate cuts that overshadowed geopolitical risk factors that seem to be boiling over.
The Energy Report: Business Is Good
The problem is that as Europe needs oil more than they need to teach Russia a lesson in Ukraine. While most in Europe are not happy with Russia because of shortsighted green energy policies, they can’t quit them. 
The Energy Report: Squeeze City
Natural gas, of course, is getting crushed because of the warm-up in temperatures.
1 to 16 of 1403 Posts
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