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Sr. Market Analyst at The PRICE Futures Group

Phil Flynn is writer of The Energy Report, a daily market commentary discussing oil, the Middle East, American government, economics, and their effects on the world's energies markets, as well as other commodity markets. 


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The Energy Report: China Shocker
Oil prices plunged after the Chinese data disappointed to the downside causing the Chinese government to cut interest rates on two key metrics.
The Energy Report: Enjoy It While It Lasts
Gasoline prices are below $4.00 a gallon! Inflation came in lower than expected! I hope you enjoy this wonderful economic news but I’m afraid to tell you it may not last.
The Energy Report: Ruble Rules
Russia is once again blackmailing Europe by cutting off oil flows through the Druzhba pipeline. Russia cut off supply as a reminder to Europe that they could do it and to force these countries to pay for that oil in rubles.
The Energy Report: The Hiding Of The Bulls
Bullish bets on Nymex crude have hit a two-year low. It’s the bulls that have run for the exit and are nowhere to be found.
The Energy Report: Beware; Winter Is Coming
Europe is in a dangerous situation after Russia again reduced natural gas flows to Europe in a not-so-subtle reminder that winter is coming and Russia controls the supply.
The Energy Report: The Worst Energy Crisis Ever
Oil prices are pulling back on an explosive dollar and recession fears even as the International Energy Agency (IEA) declares that we are going through the worst energy crisis in the history of the world.
The Energy Report: Back End
The back end of the oil curve has been rising, suggesting that high oil prices are going to be with us for a long time.
The Energy Report: Crazy For You
Global leaders are going crazy for you as they propose crazy solutions to the energy crisis they helped create.
Energy Report: That’s Incredible
Incredible. That’s where we are, incredible to fill our car. Natural gas keeps running as the fear that our storage deficit will keep widening.
Energy Report: The Saudis Have Their Back
While German Economic Minister Robert Habeck says, “I am disappointed that it is taking so long to agree on an oil embargo vs Russia” even if they do, Saudi and OPEC has Russia’s back.
Energy Report: Opening Up
Oil prices are surging on talk that Shanghai plans to stamp out community spread of the virus and start opening the city by May 20, according to Bloomberg.
Energy Report: What Energy Shock?
Now Biden and Mario Draghi are talking about bringing back the failed energy policies of the past, raising the ghost of price caps for oil and gas not to mention windfall profit taxes on oil companies.
Energy Report: Jake Biden
The President said that he is working with Congress to pass landmark investments to help build a clean energy future, from tax credits for businesses to produce renewable energy to tax credits for families to make their homes more energy-efficient.
Energy Report- La La Land
Biden is expected to give a speech on inflation, yet I am sure he will omit that his anti-fossil fuel agenda has played a major role in it.
Energy Report: Demand Fears Are Back
It is another Monday risk-off mode as demand fears are creeping back into the oil complex.
The Energy Report: Wavering
Oil prices are getting crushed to start the week on reports that Germany is wavering on a Russian oil import ban and last week’s reports that the EPA will allow lift waivers on summer blends of gasoline.
1 to 16 of 1271 Posts
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