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Sr. Market Analyst at The PRICE Futures Group

Phil Flynn is writer of The Energy Report, a daily market commentary discussing oil, the Middle East, American government, economics, and their effects on the world's energies markets, as well as other commodity markets. 


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Oil Prices: Building Momentum
Crude oil prices are building a base as economic momentum starts to build and oil demand starts to rise.
It’s A Low Inflation World
Fed Barkin is convinced it’s a “low inflation world”. It's a world of COVID-19, a new frontier. It's a world of hopes and a world of fears.
Dip Or Flip
Oil prices are dipping as it tries to create a floor near $40.00.
Oil: Blood On The Streets
Warren Buffet says to buy when there is blood on the streets and there is blood on the streets in the global natural gas market.
American Dream
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported what could be the first of many substantial U.S. crude oil inventory drawdowns.
OPEC+ Success
The OPEC+ production cuts are starting to show its desired effects as global oil inventories start to fall, and oil clocked its best quarter in 30 years.
Oil: Great Expectations
The story with the recent snap-back in oil is the fact that demand keeps coming back faster than expectations.
Oil Prices: COVID Takes A Back Seat
Oil prices opened Sunday night lower, on rising COVID concerns but are rallying back hard on reports of strong global demand.
Oil: Stress Test
Oil is still in a recovery modem. We still think oil is on track for $50 a barrel later this year. Look for some consolidation before the next leg.
Coronavirus 2
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, concerns about the coronavirus again are weighing on market sentiment and hurting prices for oil and products.
A Tiff A Tariff
Potential tariffs on the E.U. and the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, by the U.S. to the tune of 3.1 billion dollars, along with rising cases of the coronavirus is putting more uncertainty in the economic recovery and the demand growth for oil.
Oil Keeps Rolling
Despite new COVID cases and a Chinese trade war scare from White House Economic Advisor Peter Navarro, oil keeps rolling along.
A Big Step Backwardation
The market is seeing better demand as Chinese oil demand has exceeded previous levels, and the increase in demand for oil economies open up is becoming apparent.
Too Hard To Ignore
Fears about a resurgence of the coronavirus are taking a backseat to continued signs of rapidly improving demand and a commitment by OPEC cheaters to make restitution for past overproduction sins.
Wave It Out
Coronavirus fears overshadowed yesterday's very supportive Energy Information Administration status report.
Oil: Shifting Inventories
Petroleum inventories are shifting surprisingly, at least according to the American Petroleum Institute. As we expected, crude supplies increased by a huge 3.857 million barrels.
1 to 16 of 868 Posts
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