Energy Report: Making Iran Great Again

Iran's government is looking to make Iranian oil great again! Iran says it will raise its crude oil and condensate by 70% to 4.5 million barrels a day by next March. The announcement was inspired by promises from Joe Biden and his Climate Czar John Kerry to rejoin the Iranian P5+1 nuclear deal. Joe Biden has signaled that he wants to reverse President Trump's maximum pressure campaign on Iran and reset relations with the terrorist regime as a member in good standing in the "Axis of Evil”.  Iran expects that Joe Biden will lift the sanctions on them in exchange for basically nothing.

Yahoo News reported that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said if the United States returns to the Iran nuclear deal, his country will follow within an hour. At the same time, he said he would not discuss any changes to the accord or restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program and would allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon in the future.


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At the same time, U.S. oil producers will be hurt by the potential competition with Iran for market share, but that is ok because Joe Biden wants us to get off oil anyway. It's not that Iran oil is any cleaner than U.S. oil. It's just better. You see, Iran's oil is somehow more virtuous in Joe Biden and John Kerry's world because globalization takes precedent over saving the planet. It is also a small price to pay to save face and try to convince the world that the bad Iranian nuclear deal was somehow a good deal. 

This, of course, would be a great deal for Iran, which after sanctions, desperately needs the cash. You know things are bad when Venezuela is like one of your best customers. No word on what they will do with an influx in cash. In the past, Iran has used its extra cash to fight proxy wars in the region with Israel and Saudi Arabia and spent money on incendiary explosive devices that killed and maimedU.S. soldiers in Iraq and extended the war. Iran has provided significant support to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. Iran recently has been accused of sending weapons to Libya in violation of U.N. Sanctions.

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Andrew Armstrong 4 weeks ago Member's comment

Trump may be borderline insane and completely blind when it comes to Russia, but he saw Iran for what it was. A threat. I never understand why Obama agreed to such a ridiculous arrangement with Iran where we let them inspect their own nuclear sites. Insanity. Afraid we will get Obama 2.0 with Biden.

Phil Flynn 4 weeks ago Author's comment

You may be right, he might be crazy but it just may be a lunatic we're looking for.

Andrew Armstrong 4 weeks ago Member's comment

A little nuttiness can be a good thing I suppose. But it can also be dangerous in certain situations. For instance, ignoring Russia and ignoring Covid.

Angry Old Lady 4 weeks ago Member's comment

That was Obama's call, not Biden. He is his own man. Plus I've heard Kamala would want to take a harder line with them.

Phil Flynn 4 weeks ago Author's comment

One could hope / but he said he would retenter the nuclear deal

Angry Old Lady 4 weeks ago Member's comment

Oh, I do realize that. But Obama ignored all the times Iran violated the agreement. Hopefully Biden won't. But he just as easily could. But if they get close, Israel will likely attack them for us.

Texan Hunter 4 weeks ago Member's comment

This would be a mistake on Biden's part. Iran will take advantage of him, just as they did with Obama.

Phil Flynn 4 weeks ago Author's comment