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Debt Tension & Preparing For A Market Crash
A look into the tension that Turkey is causing on the global economy, reasons to protect yourself even if you are bullish, and upcoming opportunities on oil plays.
When To Use Moving Averages, The Cape Ratio,
Some thoughts on the death cross, golden cross, and when to use daily moving averages. The Cape Ratio and what it can tell you. Finally, some topics related to the Federal Reserve.
Trading Maturity
Here we take a look at what it takes to be a successful trader in any asset class, how much to start trading with on a low budget, and how to make a market crash an opportunity instead of a fear.
The Trifecta With Greg Hadley, Don Dawson & Merlin Rothfeld
Merlin kicks things off with a trade on Qualcomm based off of a major media manipulator. Greg looks at using different asset classes to capitalize on high probability trade setup. Later, Don Dawson joins Merlin to talk about a variety of commodities.
Market Commentary, Bond Strategies, And Price Analysis
For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. In addition to stocks, topics will include bonds, chart analysis and wealth management.
The Global Financial System
Today’s show focuses on the size of the financial markets. John and Merlin take a look at how each category functions and the impacts they impact the markets. They also add in the potential for the newcomer, cryptocurrency, to the global marketplace.
Listener Q&A (Interest Rates, Bitcoin, Market Scammers And More)
With an active social media group online today, Merlin is faced with a ton of great questions. Topics range from interest rates to market scammers, Bitcoin to internet stocks.
Understanding The Debt Ceiling
It is the responsibility of our Treasury Department to meet the government’s financial obligations. As most are aware, our current tax revenue does not cover those debts. In fact, since 1964 the US government has operated at a deficit.
Forex With Steve Moses
Merlin Rothfeld sits down with experienced Options trader, Steve Moses, and looks at the benefits of trading Options.
Short Term Trading
Merlin talks short term trading, goes over the overall market sentiment, and talks Forex with Scott Greer.
Monday Markets
Merlin hosts a solo show answering the flood of listener questions. He looks at the charts of General Electric, Docusign, S&P 500, The Russell 200. He also dives deeper into his discussion on the Fed unwinding program and how it impacts prices.
Indecisive Markets - Great Days Ahead?
In this video we talk about some of the major news events which may provide some big moves going forward: China, Trump, the Fed, Amazon, pot stocks and much more in this entertaining edition of Power Trading Radio.
Sideways Moves
Tillie Allison joins Merlin from Kansas City to talk about the grand Reopening of their trading campus. Merlin and Tillie talk about current market sideways action and the tactics she is using to trade it!
Making Sense Of Money To Your Children
Your children probably know a lot more about money than you think. But what exactly are you saying? And what should you be saying when teaching children about money to instill a good foundation about the value of money to your children?
Tracking The Source Of Your Trading Struggles
We all want to believe we make choices completely of our own free will, having complete control of our choices. The truth is however, our belief system, which has been developed over many years, controls our thoughts which drive our actions.
Retirement Plans For Traders
One of the best ways traders can reduce their tax liability and build their wealth is by contributing to a qualified retirement plan such as an IRA or 401K plan.
1 to 16 of 26 Posts
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