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10 Day Trading Secrets For Beginners
Day trading (or short-term trading) is one of the most misunderstood trading techniques. Here is an overview of day trading and some helpful short-term trading strategies for beginners.
A New Year Brings New Trading Opportunities
Well it’s official, we are deep into the first month of the New Year and, of course, all the euphemisms are in order, like references to merry-go-rounds and moving much too fast. However, the fact is that this is another time frame altogether;
Dire Market Warnings
In my last article, we took a deep dive into the S&P 500 index to evaluate the signs and likelihood of a bear market. Today, we will examine the other equity market indexes to see if they are also indicating a bear market correction.
Bargain-Hunting With Options
One creative way in which put options can be used is to buy a desired stock at a discounted price. This strategy works best when a stock has recently had a sharp drop, to a point that you believe is a bargain price.
Are You Keeping Your Trading Simple?
‘Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.’ This is one of my favorite quotes and I I love what this saying conveys as it relates to both life and trading.
Breaking Bad & Building Good Habits: The Gateway To Trading Success
Habits are the mainstay of the human’s existence. The trade is one of those places that attracts habits like honey attracts flies. But the question often asked is, where do habits come from?
S&P 500 And The Future Of Equity Markets
Markets run up and also crash. You do not need to expose your money to both. If you want to, at least learn how to profit in the bearish market conditions.
The Apple Influence On Index Futures
In the last 18 years, one company has not only revolutionized how we buy, store and listen to music but has also been one of the most innovative in showing us new ways we communicate and interact with our cell phones. And talk about customer loyalty?
Stock Market Gains Without Stock Market Risk
Sound too good to be true? You can enjoy stock market gains with zero stock market risk to your capital, here is how it’s done.
Key Factors That Impact Expected Bond Yield
Investor knowledge begins with understanding the ways expected return, or yield, on bonds and bond funds are presented.
Simple Is The Key To Trading
As a day trader, all you need to do each day is look at a chart, apply the Supply/Demand strategy and focus on where institutions are buying and selling that day, and execute. The hard part is to focus only on that.
Are You Too Smart To Make Money?
While there are strong studies on the correlation between IQ and income levels that show the higher the IQ, the stronger the income, I would argue the supply and demand strategy that I write about so often flips that equation.
How Money Is Really Made In Markets
Profitable trading and investing comes down to two groups, those who know what they are doing (banks and financial institutions) and those who don’t (average traders and investors).
The New Rash Of Investor Rip-Offs… And How To Avoid Them
To help investors spot red flags and discern worthwhile opportunities from scams, Ponzi schemes, and investor rip-offs, here are five relatively new types of investments, and the threats against which potential investors must now contend.
Understanding TIPS: The Compelling Case For Rising Interest Rates And How To Benefit From Them
As we head further into 2018, the case for rising interest rates is compelling, and it really is all about supply and demand.
Municipal Bonds For The Retail Investor
There are over 50,000 different issuers of municipal bonds, resulting in over 1 million different issues outstanding in the U.S. In fact, as of 2017, the total value of all municipal bonds was almost $4 trillion.
1 to 16 of 68 Posts
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