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A Trader’s Relationship With Risk
Traders have to be comfortable with taking risk. In other words, they must be willing to lose money (as long as it’s a small amount relative to their reward potential) in order to realize their desired result.
Flag Patterns And How To Trade Them
Prices do not simply move up and down on a chart. Even when the security is in a trend, price will move with the trend, pause and correct, and then continue in the trend direction.
Options: Explanation Of Rolling Out A Position
Many traders use the selling of options as an income-generating device. A question that comes up in this connection is when, and whether, to do what is called rolling out your position.
What Is Leverage In Forex And How Does It Work?
There are tremendous opportunities for leverage in the current market of. Leverage is a powerful tool when used responsibly, but also comes with risks if abused. A proper understanding is critical for optimal investing.
Funding Real Estate Investments With An IRA
When investing in real estate using an IRA, it is necessary to follow the IRS rules and the policies of the custodian, as failing to do so could result in the IRA becoming disqualified from receiving tax benefits.
HH The Market Cycles: Fear And Greed
Financial Markets go through different cycles that produce different psychological effects on those that choose to participat
Stock Float: What Traders Need To Know About Float
When a company wants to raise capital to expand operations, they have several options available to them. One of the most popular methods for raising a lot of money in a short period of time is to take the company public.
Measuring Market Sentiment
Extreme bullishness has the potential to offer shorting opportunities. As well, extreme bearishness has the potential to offer long opportunities.
Some Candlestick Bias
Japanese candlesticks were first invented in Japan hundreds of years ago to try and predict the future price of rice. The interpretation of candlesticks is very fast and efficient, which is why they have remained so popular even in this day and age.
Retail Space And The Changing Landscape
Retail real estate is a very diverse segment of the commercial real estate market and e-commerce, with its growing market (15% of all retail sales), will continue to affect this segment.
Interesting Price Action: Quadruple Witching Day
Quadruple witching day is the last trading day for monthly stock options, monthly index options, single stock futures and many futures contracts.
Is Risk/Reward Ratio Or Win/Loss Ratio More Important?
What does it take to be a consistently profitable Forex trader?
A Simple Portfolio For Uncertain Times
It is hard to tell where to invest in unsettled markets and there have rarely been times as unsettled as these. But here is a simple and low-intensity way to invest.
Predicting Price Movement In An Unpredictable Market
Making sense of the actions of the Fed and reading between the lines of Jerome Powell’s comments is just as much of a headache today as it was when Ben Bernanke was running the place.
Earnings Reports And Their Influence On Index Stock Futures
Two weeks after the beginning of every quarter (January, March, June, September) starts a period where public companies (those traded on the major exchanges) must report their earnings results to the public at large.
Find The Right Inverse ETFs To Ride Out A Bear Market
Inverse ETFs could be useful as a bearish strategy or hedge. Due to their unique composition of short positions and derivatives, they can incur a slippage effect as the market fluctuates up and down over time.
1 to 16 of 89 Posts
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