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Enemy Number One For Traders Is Emotion
When markets become volatile the usual response is an emotionally charged set of actions.
Drawing And Filling Out An Option Profit/Loss Graph
An Option Profit/Loss Graph is the primary tool for option traders to calculate the potential profit or loss on an option position.
Preferred Stocks Q & A
In case you’re not familiar with them, preferred stocks are a sort of hybrid between stocks and bonds. Investors use them as a cash-flow-generating investment since they pay a regular, fixed dividend.
Understanding Dividend Earning Stocks
When traders and investors look to profit in the markets, they often look to stocks that they believe will grow rapidly in price.
Buyers Vs. Sellers And The Option Profit Loss Graph
The price of an option changes as the price of its underlying stock changes, but the relationship is not one to one. In fact, the ratio of an option price to its stock price continuously changes and can be calculated using option software.
Strategic Investing – What Will 2020 Hold?
Will this decade be another iteration of the Roaring 20’s from a century ago, or something completely different?
What Causes Markets To Change Direction?
When looking at the markets, many traders look at lagging indicators for a signal that the market is changing in direction or to confirm that the main thrust of the market will persist.
Calculating Returns On Target Date Bond ETFs
Unlike a conventional bond fund, where there is frequent turnover of the bonds in the fund to keep it adjusted to its target average maturity, a target-date bond fund holds a portfolio of bonds that all mature in the same year.
Dealing With Trading Ranges In Forex
The nature of currency markets is that we always trade FX in pairings, putting one currency against another. Just this dynamic alone makes it practically impossible for any major pair to go to zero anytime soon.
What Does The VIX Mean To Option Traders?
The implied volatility of any underlying asset whose options we want to trade is a critical factor when deciding what option strategy to use.
A Trader’s Relationship With Risk
Traders have to be comfortable with taking risk. In other words, they must be willing to lose money (as long as it’s a small amount relative to their reward potential) in order to realize their desired result.
Flag Patterns And How To Trade Them
Prices do not simply move up and down on a chart. Even when the security is in a trend, price will move with the trend, pause and correct, and then continue in the trend direction.
Options: Explanation Of Rolling Out A Position
Many traders use the selling of options as an income-generating device. A question that comes up in this connection is when, and whether, to do what is called rolling out your position.
What Is Leverage In Forex And How Does It Work?
There are tremendous opportunities for leverage in the current market of. Leverage is a powerful tool when used responsibly, but also comes with risks if abused. A proper understanding is critical for optimal investing.
Funding Real Estate Investments With An IRA
When investing in real estate using an IRA, it is necessary to follow the IRS rules and the policies of the custodian, as failing to do so could result in the IRA becoming disqualified from receiving tax benefits.
HH The Market Cycles: Fear And Greed
Financial Markets go through different cycles that produce different psychological effects on those that choose to participat
1 to 16 of 147 Posts
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