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Emerging Markets, Credit Spreads, And Iron Condors
Emerging markets performance, different types of options plays including credit spreads (Bull Puts & Bear Calls), iron condors, and directional vs. non-directional trading.
Blockchain Voting Tech, Gemini Dollar, Commodity Futures
Today, we go over some fascinating developments in the cryptocurrency space. Then we take a dive into the Futures markets to explore commodities and discuss how drastically environmental events can effect the price of contracts.
The Future Of Crypto, Big Money Movements, And Rule Based Trading
Here we take a look at the future of Cryptocurrencies, their use cases and longevity. Then, we discuss how the investing public is taught to look at finances, ways to capitalize on professional money manager's movements, and using rule based systems.
Scalping Tips, Backtesting & Options Plays
Today, we take a look at some scalping tips for when the market opens, and discuss some brief thoughts on backtesting. Then we go deep into an options set up on Skechers while we do some early preparation for October earnings.
Nvidia, Marijuana Stocks And Risk Management
In this video we discuss topics ranging from a deep analysis of Nvidia and trade setups to the booming Marijuana stock sector as well as risk management to core strategy.
Discipline, Risk Management, And Options Plays
Why you should use a stop loss to protect yourself, getting rid of the stocks that are losing you money; and, some options plays on popular stocks.
TSLA, AAPL, And Fed Interest Rate Updates
Take a look at how earnings reports from Tesla and Apple effected the equities market, the FED and their points on interest rates, as well as a look at the bond markets and how interest rates have affected out economy in the past.
Rules And Risk & Options Plays
Manage your risk, ego and follow your rules to overcome some of the novice mistakes most traders make. See how you can use options to take advantage of recent market action. Speculation on recent and upcoming earnings.
GDP Numbers, Tax Shortfalls & Money Flow
We look at some major market moving topics like the most recent GDP numbers, tariffs, tax shortfalls from corporations, money flow out of equity markets and the prospects for higher interest rates going forward.
Technical Indicators And Hedging Using Foreign Currencies
Ways to protect your portfolio by hedging, and capitalize on a potential drop in the markets using foreign currencies.
China, The Dollar, Crypto ETFs And Commodities
Economic indications from China and the effect they may be having on the US Dollar. Potential effects in the Crypto space with the surfacing of ETFs. Finally, a look at the commodities market for potential entries and moves.
Currency Markets And Taming Your Emotions
Views on the current state of the currency market, including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and more. Also, we take a look at how to keep your emotions in check when trading, and how to tame your ego.
Market Overview And A Dive Into Commodities
A look at how much you are really losing after a market crash and recovery. Then a dive into the commodities market as we take a look at the news and seasonality changes happening with oil and others.
Banking Stocks & The Versatility Of Options
A look at moves on Banking stocks. Views on options trading during earnings season, and the various ways to trade market indexes using options. Trading the Nasdaq 100, and choosing between buying and selling options.
Trade Wars & Global Currency
Discussion on some of the economic data released as well as BOE Governor Carney’s comments on global growth. The duo also look at several charts including the British Pound, US Dollar and much more!
A Look At Gold And The Effects Of The Trade War
Potential swing trade on Gold, how trade tariffs are effecting global markets, emerging markets, China and much more!
1 to 16 of 47 Posts
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