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DIY: How to destabilise a continent?

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016 3:27 PM EDT

The immigration crisis hit Europe dozen months ago was dominated by a strong unanimous voice of European officials and institutions. The debate was driven by sympathy and need to accommodate fleeing asylum seekers. This narrative was not broken by any threats posed by so massive crowd. Crimes and even terrorist attacks were not enough to change the policy of the Western Europe.

The new angle was discovered with leaked documents of Open Society Foundation - a charity of George Soros. From them, we can learn how one man’s vision can lead media efforts and align hundreds of politicians according to one’s will.

Organic work

Every society can boast up to dozen percent of people having enough common sense and free time to be able to base their beliefs on multiple sources. Unfortunately, a case for the majority is quite the opposite – one tearful evening news report can shape views of millions.

Open Society Foundation used populist propaganda before elections to the European Parliament in 2014. Many projects with budgets from several to 340 thousand USD were founded right before the elections.

Crucial goal for this campaign was to achieve or strengthen: fight with hate speech, increase the women’s share in politics and add significance to powers far from the circles of authority. Every single point sounds benevolent and you have to be thoroughly prepared to debate that blind realisation of all those goals can backfire. Example: fight with hate speech easily evolves into censorship of free speech.

This does not change the fact that mentioned goals of Soros' project were widely accepted especially by unaware, young people. Simultaneously, while being a candidate for the European Parliament it was a cheap way to score easy votes by promoting buzzwords about tolerance and equality.

Let us take one of Open Society Foundation’s projects and analyse it for better reference.

Name: Our Elections – Our Europe!

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