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FV Gold: Long Term View
In this video we take a longer-term look at gold's charts revealing the next bull cycle has begun after a prolonged basing phase.
Gold Buying Opportunity Coming
If gold breaks back below the support line at about $1567, that is a pretty good indication that the daily cycle is top.
Gold Breakout
We have another breakout in gold.
Gold Still In The Nervous Phase Of The Rally
The bullion banks are heavily short but now with the troubles in the Middle East, gold has taken off.
Beginning The Next Inflationary Period
During the last 10 years, governments have managed to focus inflation in asset markets, like stocks and real estate.
Gold Still Has Months To Rally
People keep trying to find a reason to be bearish on the precious metals, especially gold. But price has been making higher highs and the miners are leading, leaving the doubters in the gold dust.


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10,000: Still On Target
I tend to think the Nasdaq will reach 10,000 before this 4 year cycle tops. But if that plays out price is going to be stretched extremely far above the long term mean setting up for a big correction at the next 4 year cycle low.
Subdued Sentiment
Despite the S&P within spitting distance of the all time highs sentiment isn’t really very close to the kind of excessive levels that usually occur at intermediate tops.

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