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I’ve been analyzing markets since 2001. My particular field expertise is the metals market but I also cover the stock market, energy, the dollar, and euro again building my trading models around cycles analysis and sentiment. I’m an avid rockclimber. And national and world champion ...more


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Gold Technical Analysis - Update
A quick update on the gold market.
Gold Update: Waiting For The 200-Week Moving Average To Catch Up To Price
A review and an update on the gold market.
Silver Update: Breaking Out Of The Coil
A review and update on silver. 
Gold & Market Update: Breakouts
A review and an update on gold and stock markets. 
Is Gold In A Cyclical Bear Market?
Gold is stuck in a pattern of lower lows and lower highs, which does imply it is in at least a cyclical bear market. However, there are a few inconsistencies that make me hesitant to jump on the bear band wagon right now.
Regression Events: A Good Tool To Have In Your Tool Box
One of the most important tools traders can use is regression.
Bubble Update: The Melt Up Begins
A look at the stock market.
Gold Update: Intermediate Correction Underway
A review and update on gold.
Gold Update: RSI Trick
A review of the stock market and gold.
An Opportunity Has Arrived
While we wait for gold to decide which way it’s going to break out of the triangle there is another asset that is potentially at an intermediate bottom and primed to make some good gains.
Mini Bubble?
The Fed is creating extreme short term risk in the stock market.
Beginning The Next Inflationary Period
During the last 10 years, governments have managed to focus inflation in asset markets, like stocks and real estate.
Two Sectors With Mind Boggling Potential Over The Next 5-10 Years
While I think we are entering an inflationary phase and during an inflation everything tends to go up together, there are two sectors in particular that I think have absolutely mind boggling potential over the next 5-10 years.
Semi’s Breakout
I think an important event is possibly occurring today...
Where Is The Bubble Sentiment?
If this is a bubble like the perma bears like to believe, then explain to me where the bubble sentiment is.
Listen To What Gold Is Telling You
Gold did not make a lower low in September when the dollar broke out to new highs. That was the bell ringing that something had changed and gold is accelerating higher over the last several days even though the dollar is only down marginally.
1 to 16 of 305 Posts
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