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I’ve been analyzing markets since 2001. My particular field expertise is the metals market but I also cover the stock market, energy, the dollar, and euro again building my trading models around cycles analysis and sentiment. I’m an avid rockclimber. And national and world champion ... more


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Currency Update Dollar Crash Underway
The US Dollar is weakening. The charts show that the dollar has broken lower and is forming a pattern of lower lows. Any rebounds are unlikely to be sustained.
Gold Update: Still Consolidating
So far gold is still stuck in what looks like a triangle consolidation
Gold Update: Buying Opportunity Coming Soon
An update and review of the commodities market.
Gold: Attack Warning Yesterday
A quick look at the gold market.
Gold: Trade Of The Year Update
A look at the gold market.
Sectors For The Next 10 To 15 Years
Two drivers for the bull market ahead are health care, specifically biotech as health concerns loom, and and semiconductors as artificial intelligence comes to the fore and of course, don't count out silver.
Gold: The Consolidation Continues
A quick look at the gold market.
Not A Market To Short
I expected stocks to bottom on the bad employment report. If not now, when?
Pre Jobs Report Update: Stocks And Gold
A review of the stock and precious metals market.
Gold Update: Protect Yourself From The Bankers
A review of the gold market.
Stock Market Update - Shallow Daily Cycle Low
A quick look at the stock market.
Gold: Trade Of The Year
Gary Savage provides a look at the precious metals markets and declares what he believes will be the trade of the year.
Crash Update: Next Target 200 Day Moving Average
A current look at the S&P chart to try to understand the behaviour of the current rally in stocks, and forecast where the current cycle is headed.
Crash Update: Half Cycle Low
A review of today's stock market.
Gold Update: Big Move Coming
Gary Savage takes a look at gold and the metal sector in general, as he believes we are nearing "the best trade of the year."
Crash Update: V Recovery In Progress
We are in a new innovation cycle, it is still fairly young. Monetary policy is certainly a component but it is not the main underlying reason for this long term bull market.
1 to 16 of 369 Posts
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