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I’ve been analyzing markets since 2001. My particular field expertise is the metals market but I also cover the stock market, energy, the dollar, and euro again building my trading models around cycles analysis and sentiment. I’m an avid rockclimber. And national and world champion ... more


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Gold Update: Prepare To Buy The Undercut
A review and update on gold's market action.
Breakouts And Potential Breakouts
This video reviews the past week's market action and highlights which markets broke out and which markets have the potential to break out.
Gold Update: The Correction Has Begun
Gold is very late in a very stretched and mature cycle and is due for a move down into a daily cycle low and that is starting today.
Bitcoin Update: The Crash Should Still Have Many Months To Go
Where is Bitcoin heading?
Gold Update: Building Cash, Preparing For A Big Move This Summer
As the month of May comes to a close, let's take a close look at the gold market and the possible moves it may make in the summer.
Bubble Update: Frustration Phase
This video discusses how the bubble in bitcoin has popped and how the markets are reacting during this frustrating phase.
Bitcoin: Has The Bubble Popped?
What is happening with Bitcoin? Is the bubble over now?
Gold Update: Some Caution Is Advised, Getting Late In The Cycle
An update on gold and the commodity market. 
Gold Update: Expect A Temporary Attack Soon
What is happening in the gold market?
Bubble Update: Bottom Any Day Now
A review and update of the stock market.
Gold Update: Nearing Resistance: Preparing For An Attack
There are a few more weeks before the metals start a strong momentum phase. 
Bubble Update: The Sky Is Not Falling
Update and review of the stock market.
Bubble & Gold Update: The Bigger The Base, The Higher In Space
This video discusses market predictions from previous years and how they have panned out thus far.
Bubble Update: Preparing For The Final Melt-Up
Update and review of the stock market.
Gold Update: Cracks In The Cartel Manipulation
Buyers will soon overwhelm the attacks on the metals and soon, gold is going to break through its resistance zone and run much higher.
Gold Update: Higher Highs Ahead
The decline in gold has lasted longer than a half-cycle would indicate but the decline has been mild as gold is oversold.
1 to 16 of 489 Posts
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