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Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
1 day ago

Makes sense. In the meantime, traders and investors have jumped into the dip with both feet! Amazing. My assessment turned out faar too conservative.

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Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
2 days ago

That's quite a metaphor!

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Twitter Breaks Out Anyway
28 days ago

One addendum: I should have clarified that I think $TWTR is a buy on the dip. I am adding on today's 3.7% (so far) dip.

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Euro Makes A Bid For A Bottom
1 month ago

In this particular case, the currency trades are short-term in nature and look to follow the existing trend. But times of high uncertainty generally offer the biggest investment opportunity as those who have little to no confidence in the future are willing to sell at steep discounts.

From Rolling Over To Rolling Higher: Home Builder Stocks Rejoin The Stock Market Rally
5 months ago

Builders are trying to focus on the affordable price ranges, but are still running into supply constraints in many markets.

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Sterling Drops As New Brinkmanship Begins
6 months ago

That picture of Boris says everything. I am wondering why the pound rallied so sharply in the wake of the election news when it meant that the odds of a hard Brexit suddenly shot way up!? It's been confusing interpreting what the market is thinking and trying to predict on the pound!

It’s A “Risk On” Week
6 months ago

How do you calculate the risk appetite and breadth metrics? The breadth metric I follow, the percentage of stocks trading above their respective 40DMAs (T2108 or AT40), has gone nowhere for two months and has me cautious.

A Full Reversal For Speculative Fever In Toll Brothers
8 months ago

Because it mostly looked like the regular sell programs executives put in place. I also had a bias to interpret dips as bullish given the speculative frenzy in call options just ahead of that.

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Strong Sales For LGI Homes Set Up Earnings Reports For Lennar And KB Home
9 months ago

Either way, they are not apparently impacting results. So there is some kind of disconnect going on.

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