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E A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
Facebook enjoyed a much faster recovery than expected. Google accompanied the stock along the way. A pairs trade on the two looks like an attractive way to play the next big moves in these internet and digital advertising titans.
E Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
An expanding ad boycott of Facebook and a sluggish response by the company has generated high volume trading. While the price action looks chaotic at first blush, a close examination shows patterns that provide well-defined trading opportunities.
E Twitter Breaks Out Anyway
Twitter was under political and trading pressure last week. This week the stock is on a strong comeback culminating in a bullish breakout above a critical threshold.
E Euro Makes A Bid For A Bottom
The euro has swung widely in the past few months as traders make swift pandemic-related bets. Signs are converging for a potential fresh bottom for the euro but the reasons for the euro's new attraction may be different than the last.
A New Interpretation For A Surge In Google Searches For "Recession"
Recession fears are palpable. Concerns about a Depression-level calamity are elevated. I take another look at how to interpret Google Trends which reveal these fears through relative search volume. They could speak to the sustainability of a bottom.
E The Fastest Correction In History Is Not The Fastest Shift From Overbought To Oversold
The current sell-off marked the fastest drop from all-time highs in history. However, it was not even close in terms of fastest drops from overbought extremes to oversold extremes. That shift happened during the flash crash of May, 2010.


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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
12 days ago

This quote from AdExchanger was VERY telling about FB's earnings conference call:

"Although Facebook reported its Q2 earnings the day after CEO Mark Zuckerberg donned a suit to testify along with his big tech CEO bros in front of a congressional antitrust subcommittee – incredibly, not a single investor asked Zuckerberg about his appearance.

And the advertiser boycott barely got a mention, although Wehner pointed out that the Top 100 advertisers make up just 16% of Facebook’s ad revenue and falling.

According to Zuck: “Small businesses are the biggest part of our business, not the largest businesses. … We want to serve everyone, but if you as investors or analysts or anyone is thinking about our business, the really accurate way to think about what we do is we are in the business of serving small businesses.”

In that vein, Facebook announced a milestone on the call: It now has more than 9 million active advertisers across its services."

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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
12 days ago

It seems small and medium-sized business matter most to FB, and the boycotters collectively don't matter much. And definitely if users stick by Facebook, advertisers have to return at some point.

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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
27 days ago

True teflon Don.

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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
27 days ago

That's right. The users are at the center of everything. It's next to impossible for advertisers to ignore a 2 billion, highly targetable audience for long.

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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
28 days ago

The potential for bigger % move in Facebook is exactly why I bought a straight put on FB vs the call spread on Google. A spread on FB, as I learned with the last trade, significantly caps potential gains in the trade.

In this article: L, FB, GOOG, GOOGL
Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
1 month ago

Makes sense. In the meantime, traders and investors have jumped into the dip with both feet! Amazing. My assessment turned out faar too conservative.

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Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
1 month ago

That's quite a metaphor!

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Twitter Breaks Out Anyway
2 months ago

One addendum: I should have clarified that I think $TWTR is a buy on the dip. I am adding on today's 3.7% (so far) dip.

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Euro Makes A Bid For A Bottom
2 months ago

In this particular case, the currency trades are short-term in nature and look to follow the existing trend. But times of high uncertainty generally offer the biggest investment opportunity as those who have little to no confidence in the future are willing to sell at steep discounts.

From Rolling Over To Rolling Higher: Home Builder Stocks Rejoin The Stock Market Rally
6 months ago

Builders are trying to focus on the affordable price ranges, but are still running into supply constraints in many markets.

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