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Dr. Duru Ahanotu is a graduate of Stanford University with over twenty-five years of experience doing analytic modeling, executing pricing strategies through price optimization, and implementing, developing, and selling enterprise software. He adds to this industry experience another five ... more

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E Currency Markets Overreact After Getting Caught Offsides The Dollar
The rush to adjust to the Fed’s message acknowledging increasing inflationary pressures has the look of an overreaction even if directionally correct.
E A Bottoming In The U.S. Dollar
DXY broke down below its 200DMA and then its 50DMA before retesting the lows of 2021. With a consolidation of the price action favoring an upward path of least resistance, I see signs of a bottoming in the U.S. dollar.
E Push And Tug On The U.S. Dollar
When the U.S. dollar index crosses its 200-day moving average, it tends to launch into sustained moves. Forces pushing the dollar up are slowly overtaking forces tugging the dollar down.
E The Case For The Canadian Dollar Remains Strong From Good Economic News
The Bank of Canada delivered good economic news in its Monetary Policy Report. Canada's better management of the coronavirus pandemic underlines the case for shorting USD/CAD.
E The Stock Market Is A Different Kind Of Overbought With Breadth So Strong
The stock market cycles through overbought and oversold. Each point offers opportunities for counter-trend trades. Current overbought conditions coincide with underlying breadth so strong that the prospects for bearish trades look surprisingly poor.
E Another Gold Record, Another Golden Buying Opportunity
The CME reported record contract volume on gold as the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) dropped 5.4%. Like the day of the last record in February, this pullback is a fresh opportunity to bet against the U.S. dollar as a store of value.
E A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
Facebook enjoyed a much faster recovery than expected. Google accompanied the stock along the way. A pairs trade on the two looks like an attractive way to play the next big moves in these internet and digital advertising titans.
E Order From Chaos: Trading Facebook's Latest Drama
An expanding ad boycott of Facebook and a sluggish response by the company has generated high volume trading. While the price action looks chaotic at first blush, a close examination shows patterns that provide well-defined trading opportunities.
E Twitter Breaks Out Anyway
Twitter was under political and trading pressure last week. This week the stock is on a strong comeback culminating in a bullish breakout above a critical threshold.
E Euro Makes A Bid For A Bottom
The euro has swung widely in the past few months as traders make swift pandemic-related bets. Signs are converging for a potential fresh bottom for the euro but the reasons for the euro's new attraction may be different than the last.
A New Interpretation For A Surge In Google Searches For "Recession"
Recession fears are palpable. Concerns about a Depression-level calamity are elevated. I take another look at how to interpret Google Trends which reveal these fears through relative search volume. They could speak to the sustainability of a bottom.
E The Fastest Correction In History Is Not The Fastest Shift From Overbought To Oversold
The current sell-off marked the fastest drop from all-time highs in history. However, it was not even close in terms of fastest drops from overbought extremes to oversold extremes. That shift happened during the flash crash of May, 2010.
E From Rolling Over To Rolling Higher: Home Builder Stocks Rejoin The Stock Market Rally
Sentiment in financial markets can be fickle. A month after the stocks of home builders were rolling over and breaking down, investors have done an about-face. Home builder stocks are now back in major rally mode.
E Signs Home Builder Stocks Are Rolling Over In Five Simple Charts
HMI high but stocks have slowed down. Why?
E A Full Reversal For Speculative Fever In Toll Brothers
A month ago, call buyers rushed into Toll Brothers (TOL). The stock immediately pulled back from there and since then has only traded higher one day. What's next now that the stock has fully reversed its post call-buying fever?
E The Part Of The S&P 500 Easily Making New All-Time Highs
For September, the S&P 500 came up short from hitting a new all-time high. Meanwhile, the "low volatility" components of the S&P 500 logged 8 new all-time highs and counting. The "high beta" stocks are weighing the S&P 500 down.
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